When the front lines are fought in a voting booth…

“He who does not punish evil commands that it be done. -Leonardo Da Vinci   
By not taking a stand against campaign violence, Trump is condoning it. He is even verbally encouraging it at the rallies. 

By the same note, those who do not stand in direct opposition to a very real threat, one that’s not just toward this country, but globally, they/we also condone it. 

A withheld vote IS a vote for Trump. NOT VOTING MEANS YOU DID NOT MAKE SURE Trump’s not the winner. If you find Trump as president an un-worrisome idea, you are not just ill informed, you are not taking your own voting education serious. 

At best, the world has never been much more than mildly amused by our races for president; at worst they figure they can hold their collective breaths for four years. This time around? The WORLD is speaking out against Trump. We are not just being laughed at, we are becoming something to worry over. The EIU has gone on record saying Trump is one of the top global threats out there. He is #12 on the list. Let that sink in. A Trump presidency is stated to destabilize the global economy. It’s a threat to the entire world in a very real way. He is dead even on this list with Jihadi terrorists, in an ironic turn of it. 

Not voting could mean helping to destabilize the world. There’s never been a time when your vote counted so much. 

Those who remember WWII first hand are becoming fewer and fewer. We easily forget history when it stops being personally remembered. We are so sure we would recognize a big problem if we saw it. We are sure we are better than those who missed it before “way back then”. We are fools. 

Make no mistake… Fascism did not take root over night; it was creeping down halls and around corners, taking up watch in back doorways without disturbing the dust. Then one day when it was time, the signal was given and the dust went flying. Before anyone knew what happened, before the dust settled, Hitler had a position of power no one could wrestle away from him. 

Make sure you can tell your children, your grandchildren, that you proudly stood up and said NO when it counted. That YOU made sure to go to the front lines yourself in a kind of war that will happen in a voting booth this time. One where Americans choose to take back OUR America. 

What makes America great again is not hatred; It’s standing shoulder to shoulder and declaring with one voice, “we will not allow this unrest to take root, nor will we allow it to ever take a position of power over us.”

-Christi Sue Campbell-


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