I saw HOPE yesterday!

I opened up the door yesterday bundled in my gray coat with my scarf and hat and gloves and prepared to be blasted to the bone with a brrrrrrr factor that would leave me shivering long after the van had been on its way across town. Instead I was greeted with the sounds of robins chasing each other and a sky so blue I had to squint to look at it. There wasn’t a cloud in sight. I was absolutely amazed. I was actually so in shock that I just stood in the middle of the front walk, a dumb, lopsided grin plastered on my face with spontaneous giggles erupting as I happily took it all in.
IMG_2235That’s the thing about winter. It is so long and dreary, so devastatingly cold and brutal that you almost forget there is ever hope of it ending. Yesterday my soul reawakened and I felt as if my lungs took in fresh air for the first time in months. This wasn’t air that was cycled through my air ducts at home, heated and forced out, over and over. It wasn’t air I took in that was so cold it felt like it had liquid nitrogen mixed with it so each breath felt like it froze parts of my insides solid. This wasn’t air warmed through a mitten, because the wind was blowing so hard and frigid it took my breath away. No, this was a deep inhalation of pure, luscious, beautiful, pure, healthy oxygen that revived my soul, not just my body.

Dare I think it? Spring might ACTUALLY consider making its way to us in the next month or so. I’ll not be so illogical as to even utter the words, “in the next few weeks.” That would doom us to an eternal winter that would have not just friends but complete strangers pounding on my door wanting to know why I dared to toy with the fate of all the innocents around me. So I’ll leave it unsaid.

Instead, I’ll revel in my newly expanded lungs and the blue skies. I’ll let my face beam brighter than the sun with its hopeful joy. I’ll giggle randomly as I remember the odd lack of chill in my car as I got in it after it sat in a sunny parking lot. I’ll allow myself to sing loudly to the radio, not caring what the people in cars next to me think, all because this blessed hope has thawed winter’s desolate landscape and reclaimed it once more.

Hope is alive. 
Winter will get the boot. 

I saw the light
and it was a beautiful sight!


This post is reposted from my parenting blog over at Will Settle for Chocolate 


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