1st Vlog – Raising future adults who can feed themselves

I am beginning a series, life hacks if you will, to raising future adults.  Everyone discusses raising kids. I get that. I however, see raising my kids differently. In the end, I am not really trying to raise kids.  No, I am trying to get them to adulthood with information that will take them out into the world so that they can survive. I won’t be MOMMY forever, and really, I’m not now.

My youngest is 11 and the girls are 14 and 16. In the midst of the craziness that is life, the hard stuff and the mundane, I still need to keep that goal in mind. So join me as I regularly Vlog in the moment, randomly, unedited, and completely off the cuff. I’ll post things that come to me randomly and in action.

Today’s I shot while I did the dishes and lived life around here.  Just a snippet.

Take a gander!



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