Shut the front door: and don’t let the kids in till dinner!

20140516-125449.jpgThe sound of screams and laughter echo on the breeze as it drifts in my window. Looking outside I see green grass, leaves, flowers, and playful birds and squirrels mirroring the kid’s joyful block party. Finally, we have been released from the unrelenting grasp of the cold and frozen white stuff. I dreamed of these days all winter long.

There is no less for me to do now than there was then, when the onslaught of blinding white piles seemed almost a daily occurrence. Now that they are over, and the breezes are warm and soft, it seems I can fit more into my day and my patience is a tad longer, this being a good thing since the children insist upon testing it regularly. I have already begun to remember why I was dreaming of these warm sunny days. Oh it’s not so much that they are warm, nor sunny, though that is absolutely fabulous! It is because they allow me to shove the children outside into the yard and demand they work out their energy somewhere besides upon each other and my last nerve. I can, without fear of being seen as a terrible mother, mandate that they must go outside and stay there until I call them for dinner. I can be mean and demand they play on the trampoline, swing on the swing set, ride bikes, play ball, or find some new and creative way to use the extra boxes left in the garage. I wont be worrying my pretty little brain about if I am damaging them or not by forcing them to use their imaginations.

This, my glorious front door, is what I dreamed about all winter long. I dreamed of OPENING it and sending them OUTSIDE! It is glorious! I promise you that they will come inside with skinned knees, dirty shirts, torn jeans, grass stains, and scuffed shoes. I promise you they will come inside with tall-tattle-tales and he-said-she-said stories that will be fit to make your ears bleed. I absolutely promise you that the banging of the ins and outs from the forgotten toy and one more drink will drive you batty. I do, I promise you all this.

I also promise you, however, that the exhausted little bodies, fresh from a bath and fresh air, will sleep more soundly. Their stale brains from video games and forced air heating will begin to turn once more like a well oiled machine and their schemes will become more elaborate and their tricks more tricky. You will marvel at the speed!

As I stand at my kitchen sink doing my mom chores, I watch humored as I see what’s happening around my house now happening across the street with two little girls, and echoed again down the block as a mom pushes her son outside and takes his video game back inside with her. Way to go moms! Remember, they only get one childhood in life. Make sure they experience it!

1st published in MOMS “For the Parents” ~ May/June 2014 issue in the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette and News Sentinel.



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