Mistaken for a NUT house

It’s a nuthouse around here, not to be confused with a NUT house.  Sadly, Mr Squirrel misunderstood the difference.

The kids lately had been complaining about someone being in the house.  I said they were crazy.  When we’d be gone, they’d swear someone was in the laundry room and they were freaked out.  Eventually I conceded that maybe we had a mouse, but it was not a big deal.  Then I heard it.  The insane ruckus that was in the backroom was nothing to dismiss.  The mop slamming, 2X4 crashing, bedding shredding ruckus was even a bit freaky.  SOMEONE most definitely was in the house!  I stopped thinking it was funny long before laughter ever arose.1528477_10203306296564632_1727396376_n

I couldn’t figure out how our nut-lover got inside.  Where did he come IN from?  This uninvited house guest didn’t understand the rules of knocking or asking to be a guest.  He instead chose a backdoor entrance, or more specifically, the apparent chimney on the roof that leads directly into our furnace as a good entrance.  I listened to him clawing and scratching up a storm and tracked the sound and then watched him come OUT of my furnace.  This was not some tiny, little, scrawny, cold squirrel.  No this was a BIG-ass squirrel who was VERY unwelcome!  Thankfully our furnace is behind a little slatted door that was just strong enough to keep him from escaping into the house itself.  What the hell was he thinking when he decided MY house was a good place to move into?  He intended to stay.  He made it clear.

We thought we’d be nice.  Hubby bought a live trap.  Mr. Squirrel was not amused.  He thumbed his nose at us and found US amusing.  He used it as a restaurant.  He’d come in and grab something to go and go back to the little nest he made.  The trap wasn’t holding him.  He remained unconvinced this was a bad place to live.  We were going to have to get tough with our house guest.  He was NOT a member of the Campbell clan and I wasn’t going to have it.

He had hunkered down for the long haul.  A cozy nest of shredded bedding had been cozily made along the wall where he’d knocked over a handful of 2X4’s and an odd piece of boarding from a long forgotten project.  Part of me said, “awwwww” when we peeked in at him one night and saw the rise and fall of his little furry body with his tail wrapped around him like a blanket.  He was so peaceful and happy.  He’d found the perfect home.  MINE!!!  He had learned how to get in and out, meaning he had NO need to ever leave us, save for running about in the trees now and again to stretch his legs.

1604588_10201440582112749_30321111_nIt was time to make him rethink this little apartment of his.  Using a brick, Derek weighted the trap so that he could not just back out of it before the latch was hard and fast in a locked state.  He was VERY unhappy with the fact he’d been foiled!  I cant say it was a bad way to wake up today, on OUR part!  His great annoyance was our celebration dance.  As my husband left with the evicted furry nut-lover, I did a little jig.  We WIN!!

Operation Nut-Cracker was a success.  Now lets just hope this guy is not overly intelligent and that he doesn’t find his way back to us, and that he never showed anyone else the cool spot he found.  I know it’s a frigged cold winter outside this year, but my sense of caring for the furry critters ends when they invade my space!!!  Goodbye dude!  Have fun running in the park!


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