2014 Resolutions I wont fail to fulfill

Happy-New-Year-2014-1-1This year I am making resolutions, but unlike other years, I will last WAY longer than a week in fulfilling them.  Guaranteed!

(This is a BETTER resolutions list.)

Here’s a list of top things I plan to do and succeed at in 2014:

1.)   Add more JOY.  Everyday.  (yeah, this is so happening.)

2.)  Laugh. A LOT… Not just that little smile/grin laugh, or to say LOL texting, but the REAL gut busting laughter that nearly embarrasses anyone sitting near me.  I want to do LOTS of that this year.  I want 2014 to be the year of laughter.

3.)  To be authentic.  To be more “me” then I’ve been in the last 20 years.  I plan to ditch those masks and let people love or not love who I am, but to be okay with that.  I am who I am and God was okay with that when he made me, therefore, so am I.  No more sugar coating who I am for the masses.  If you cant handle this bundle of awesomeness, take a breather.  Come back when you can, or dont.  I just need to be me the second half + of my life.

1521889_790982800928800_2035079924_n4.)  To be there for my family and be the kind of role model they truly need.  This one is not an easy one, but I pray I can do this as fully as God would have me do it.

5.)  To be the friend I crave.  I want to be there for my friends in the ways that I have always needed my friends to be there for me.  Many will argue that I already am, but the minute you are not intentional about it, you begin to get lax.  So it’s high on the list because it counts.

6.)  What do I LOVE to do?  Do MORE of that.

7.)  What DONT I like to do?  Find a way to delegate so I do LESS of that.

8.)  What is one thing I’ve never done but always wanted to do?  Begin researching what it would take to make it happen…the DO IT before December 31st (At least step 1 to make it happen)

9.)  Do lots of writing.

10.)  Be the best ME I can be.  LOVE that “me” and realize that perfection is NOT on this list.  Not anywhere.

NOW – go make a list of things that you can LOVE achieving in 2014.  One that will make you a better you, and not that will beat you up for not being MORE than you are, but will celebrate the best of WHO you are.


What do you think?

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