I’ve gone Live with CHOCOLATE!!!

I am now an “official blogger” over at Moms.fortwayne.com!  I’m as excited as a nerdy school girl with fresh notebooks and carefully sharpened pencils the night before classes begin.  I may or may not know this from personal experience.  I may (okay enough with the may not’s) have a thing for notebooks and cool pens and pencils.  I’m old school, okay?

That said, I am still a tech geek too, and love my laptop time and blogging.  It has come too far between posts as of late, but I will make up for lost time soon.  It will be colder than heck in Indiana and I wont be so excited about getting outside like I am now.  It sleeted on me today!  Yeah!  Snow would have made me happier than the nasty sleet coming at me sideways in the parking lot, making it hard to see where the car was.  It’s OCTOBER.  Stop that!

Anyway…I digress.

Come join me over at some new stomping grounds and see what my crazy blogging friends are up to while you’re there!

I’m up late – again – and tomorrow is a new day full of craziness I’m sure.  I’m gonna need a nap again tomorrow and chocolate is a given…  It seems the blog’s name is very fitting already!




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