Unwritten signs…


1-four-signsThe above link is something I have thought about in the past on countless occasions.  Instead of writing it myself, I am going to just let this brilliant woman and her own heart do the job for me.  I nodded along with her in full agreement, adding into it my own situation in place of hers, but fully understanding hers.  But I’d like to add to it this:

There is not a single person on the planet who doesn’t have their own “sign” to wear that explains why they are having a bad day, are acting rudely, are in too much of a hurry, or are seemingly uncaring about you and your own worries.  If we all took the time to care,  “AS IF,” we could read the sign that is unwritten, this world would be so much the better.  The next time you find someone has not understood you, take a minute to see if you’ve read their sign either.  Chances are, the road goes both directions.

Make your corner better by reading signs that aren’t written.



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