Wiggle room

Bridges (of any kind) were never made to be wiggly. Wiggling is against the rules. It says so right there in the hand book. It says NO WIGGLING. BE STABLE. Mine… is wiggling. Deep sigh.

My mom used to tell me to be sure to, “have a little wiggle room.”  The conversation could be about any number of things.  It could be me trying on a winter coat, knowing I’d grow, or need to put a sweater under it.  It might be me scheduling things into life and knowing I’d need some extra minutes added in here or there.  The list goes on and on.  The point is, be sure to have it.  Room to move is a good thing.

The exact opposite is true if we’re talking about bridges.  Now I know there are swaying bridges, and I know you are going to start citing a bunch of facts about how even concrete bridges actually DO move so that they don’t crack and break.  HOOEY!  I’m not talking about that.  I’m not even talking about those KIND of bridges.  I’m talking about the kind that keep you from being embarrassed and feeling like a freak, and the kind that might aid a person, who, lets say, had enamel that was pretty crappy in doing it’s job, and lost a ton of teeth to the fact.  A bridge might be made of TEETH that look nice and real and make a person able to do useful things like chew food, for example, and not talk with a lisp.

THAT kinda bridge.

I’m gonna tell you a secret.  It once was a closely guarded secret, but now I don’t much care.  I had braces for 5 years as a kid and my enamel was weak, so everywhere there was a bracket, the glue weakened it and I gained gorgeous cavities in the years following.  I now sport an array of expensive root canals (at last count it was 5 of them with crowns), all but one molar on top and bottom removed, a few real teeth thrown in for humor, and a large 6 tooth bridge spanning the width of my smile.  A wiggly bridge in THIS case is a really bad thing!

1185929_10202157647809131_1019481950_nSo I went to the dentist today and as I thought, something with the bridge is broken where it is anchored and it’s not going to be an easy fix.  I need one post redone, and we are hoping that we wont break the bridge in the process of “fixing it.”  The low-ball $ is $310.  If all hell breaks loose, it will be upwards of $6500 and we don’t want to even imagine that.  I cant even allow myself to think about this thing breaking in the fixing process.  My smile will be not only insanely over priced after 5 years of braces (with no insurance help for those lucky parents of mine) and all the crowns and dental work before they yanked them all out and replaced them with something to help me not look like a granny before my time at age 34.  Now?  I’m physically nauseous as I think of having to go without something if this breaks next week.  It’s not like they can whip up a back up set of teeth for me in ten minutes.  Nope, I will go without…  and suddenly I’m feeling quite humble.  That Lemon wedge is gonna come in REAL handy for a while!

I am banned from all food with any chewing needs.  So mush mostly.  The last time I had wiggly teeth I was my son’s age and I was still ecstatic for the tooth fairy to come.  This time, I just wish a fairy would come and bring me back all those lost teeth!  I sure could use some right about now!  AHHHHHHHH!

And that’s today’s “Insider.”  Now you know.


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