PE class begins NOW!

20130818-235505.jpgMonday morning, bright and early, began the kids’ first official school day. They went off as 4th and 7th graders on the bus before 7 am hit our clock dial, and my oldest is a freshman in HS at the Campbell Academy… Meaning I am her teacher ( insert scary movie music here).

Since I need to figure out classes and the requirements, we will be doing her choice ——–running— for PE class together. Her choice of time is when her siblings get on the bus. Wow. So she’s more demanding than I am and I’m sposed to be the boss!

7 am we hit the pavement and either run or walk depending on the day (and my “oldness” factor) and do a 2 or 4 mile loop around our subdivision and park area. I don’t want to admit it, but I should probably thank her for choosing to do something like this. It will force me to get healthy too. (And really, who doesn’t need that?). She’s the kick in the pants I need to get out there and do this. So thanks Linds. Your old mom appreciates it, but I won’t say so anytime soon since that run will be too fresh come tomorrow at 8 am! Heehee

So happy fall and start to school everyone. May your days be educational and enlightening!

Chow friends!


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