Who needs’m?


Who needs them? Oh Golly, I DO, and boy do I ever! Friends are a lifeline on so many levels. And I’m blessed with many. There’s a couple specifically that came on the wings of a prayer last year and it’s changed so much of my life.  I think even my FAMILY is thanking God for these girls!

When things are tough and we are at the end of ourselves, we more easily turn upward and will ask God for help, to give us what we need. I did that last summer and I was looking for serious answers, even suggesting I thought I knew what would be the best fit. As usual, I was wrong… And instead of giving me what I asked for, he made me wait. Then he sent an answer that pushed my comfort zone off the cliff and in turn blessed me beyond my wildest dreams.

Don’t ever ask God for your desires. Ask Him for HIS! Wow!

In late October I became friends with these two gals. We are now a trio. We even have a continuous three-way text that we add updates, thoughts, and encouragement to each other throughout the week. My kids tease that I’m acting like a kid because I love texting with my girls!

I won’t go into the details that are boring of why I was at the end of my rope… But I will say that these two were sent to me, and long after the initial need, they continue to give me hope, laughter, and a fresh perspective outside my own little world. I didn’t even know I needed what God sent.

So often we run to God when we are at the end of ourselves, but when we are full and moving along well, we don’t. I decided today that I would do the opposite. Today, because I’m feeling so blessed, I ran to God and thanked him for the huge work he began and is doing in my life since that summer prayer, around my birthday, last year.

I took time to thank God for always giving me what perfectly answers my needs, not what I ask for. I thanked him for these two women and asked Him to allow me to be a blessing right back to them. I thanked him for just hearing me, my heart, my struggle, and working to put the life back into me.

It’s easy to forget the answers God blesses us with after the problems fade from view. Take time to think on it and let God know you see HIM, too. I know it will make his day 😉


What do you think?

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