Stop the world, WE are getting OFF…

The past week had been so trying, so mentally exhausting, so physically taxing, that it had left me not only in tears, but on the edge of even being able to cope.  I was so over the edge that i was shaky and beginning to show signs of stress in my weak points, my headaches and body tension and pain.  Those sent me over the top.

My husband saw this.  He saw ME.  He did something.

He searched and found a song I had never heard, yet described my life, my pain, my challenges, our life together.  I was rushing around on a day where there was not even 15 minutes between all the scheduled things on the day’s calendar from morning 5:45am wake up till I would fall into a bed at 11pm that night.

dancing_couple-green-lgI was near tears and rushing about the house when my husband gently took me by the hand into our bedroom and shut the door.  He laid his phone on the dresser, pushed play, held out his hand, and asked me to dance.  I melted.  The tears came even before I had been fully embraced in his strong arms.

I had not much left in me, but he led me in a slow and gentle rock that melded us together so closely I’d swear our hearts began to keep rhythm in time.  My head on his shoulder, nestled under his chin, I began to let the world slip away.  There was nothing but the two of us.  My eyes were closed and my tears were flowing, and the only thing in the world was the two of us, together, no longer in the world at all.  We hovered somewhere a step above it.

The dog pushed his way into the room, the kids were loud, the song had ended.  I stood in his embrace still.  I broke away for only a second as I shut the door again, and asked for the song again.  I wasn’t ready to step back into reality yet.  I needed more of this wonderful man and his embrace, his love, his strength, and his arms wrapped around me protectively.  The world could not snatch me from him.  I was safe.

As the song came to an end, I felt ready to keep going.  I could finish the night. I got myself ready to leave the house and as I drove off a few minutes later I was grinning to myself and knowing that beyond a doubt, I was the most blessed woman around.

Thank you, God, for giving me such a wonderful and Godly husband.

Thank you, Derek, for loving me in the way I need loved, finding a way to reach down into my pit, my darkness, my overwhelmed frenzied days and plucking me from the grasp of it all.  Thank you for seeing me.  I love you!


4 thoughts on “Stop the world, WE are getting OFF…

  1. Shane Birkey says:

    Wow! You brought tears to me eyes as I see the love and care expressed in such a simple, beautiful action. God is the God who sees – He knew what you needed and used your husband to provide it in that moment. Thank you God!


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