The “BREAK” in Spring Break

Stormtrooper BunnyI thought this Easter was going to be different because it was to be the first year that we had no kids in the house that believed in Magical Easter Bunnies that come bearing chocolate yummy stuff and treats.  (Which Dad rocked it with a Stormtrooper Easter Bunny!)  In fact, all the magic is officially gone as we now know the “Tooth-i-nator” (boys don’t do “fairies”) is Mom and “Santa” is Dad.  But no, that was just a side note this year…

I knew when I got a call from my daughter on Friday that it wasn’t going to be a good “different.”  At first I thought Alli was hysterically laughing, but my gut told me otherwise.  A mom just knows when something isn’t quite right.  I couldn’t understand a word she was saying except “It hurts REALLY bad”.  Oh no…

The mom who had offered to drive my daughter to a skate party at the local roller dome confirmed it, Alli had a broken bone.  When an adult tells you in coded words that it’s definitely broken, there’s this sinking feeling you get in the pit of your stomach that leaves you feeling like YOU want your Mommy… but then you remember you ARE the Mommy.  It took me till i set eyes on my girl to get the nerves worked out of me and be ready to be calm mom for her.

482889_4689781798783_1185693169_nDerek drove up to get Alli at the rink, while I was coming from another part of town. I began making calls to get her in at the last minute to a family friend who happens to also be an orthopedic doctor.  As luck would have it, he was still at the office on this Good Friday afternoon and he’d stay to see us.  When Derek met up with me at the office, we both felt helpless.  She was in so much pain.  It was obvious to all that she needed to be seen.  The timing was perfect really, since they had just closed and we were ushered into X-ray and the exam room and then onto casting for a splint with zero wait time.

Tomorrow morning, after the weekend has had time to calm the inflammation and pain a bit, she will go in for surgery to pin the wrist most likely, but they will definitely need to do some adjusting to get her bones in alignment and then into a more permanent cast for the duration of healing.

My kids seem to be one-upping each other with the broken bone thing.  We’ve seen Dr Eddy three times inside of 9 days.  Now while we like him a lot, a BBQ is a better way to say hello than broken bones!  We’ve decided to wrap Lindsey in bubble wrap so that we can avoid the next round of ANYTHING.  WE are not going to go 3-for-3 here!

I hope you have had a less eventful Easter than we have.  This is only the second Easter of my life I’ve missed church.  It was very hard on all of us not to go and to have our family time and dinners, but Alli needed to take her medicine to keep her pain at bay, I decided to have a go around with a migraine or two, and everyone else has had their share of issues here and there as well.  God know how grateful we are that He came and died for us.  We’ve been close together as a family in prayer through this, and there is no way that does not honor and bless Him today.

May you each be blessed as well.

cat_broken_arm_doctor_vet_veterinary_sticker-rf6b0cc183e614020b4ef374b80bb9206_v9wth_8byvr_512🙂  If you think of it, say a extra prayer for my girl tomorrow.  She’s pretty scared about the coming surgery about 11am Monday.  This Mama wouldn’t mind the extra support either.   Thanks!


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