Spring Fever in Indiana can be lethal!

[The following article appears in the March/April issue of MOMs magazine (print version) in conjunction with Moms.FortWayne.com.]  

spring-feverIt’s scary around here. You know, the “there’s only half a bag of goldfish crackers left in a room full of cranky, hungry, nap deprived toddlers, AND no time for a store run,” scary. It’s got disaster written all over it.

Spring in Indiana can leave a parent holding their breath. The warm and sunny moments are cruel sometimes, easily snatched away, like a stuffed animal by the mean kid who doesn’t know my, er… someone’s, favorite guy to play with is the tiny little hedgehog. But I’m an adult. I can deal with this calmly and rationally. I know in my brain-space that spring really WILL come. Someday.

My kids, however, aren’t calm and rational. It wasn’t wired into their DNA like it was mine. (Did someone just snicker? I heard a snicker…) My kids can’t stand to be cooped up. “Spring Fever” hits us earlier and earlier the older they get. I need an indoor trampoline to extract their energy, it’s getting bad. Only problem is we have a tiny, one floor ranch home, and hitting their heads on the ceiling would just silence them a while, not really fix anything.

spring-fever1All kidding aside, you are not alone. Every parent on the planet is probably facing the same feelings you are… this crazy spring fever hits when it’s been far too long since we’ve all been outside with any consistency, had fresh, warm, sunny air in our lungs, and let the winter chill melt. Hang in there. Never fear, my fellow fever busters. Parents must UNITE! We can survive this together, if we try. There are things to do for kids, but what about us?

Here’s what I’ve done to personally cure my feverish tendencies. If my dogs can manage to steal some sanity this way, I can too. Do the following: Grab the next sunny-ish day, warm or not, and soak up the rays. Plant yourself in front of the nearest window, close your eyes, and lean your head back. Channel soft breezes, chipper birdies, happy flowers, and lush green grass. Smile. Do lots of smiling. But keep those eyes closed. Don’t peek at the reality outside that window unless it’s pretending to LOOK like spring.

spring-2Do this long enough the sun will not only warm you, it will transform you. Yes, I’ve taken it so far as to lay in that little swatch of sun that spills over my front room floor around 2 PM, somewhat in the fetal position, and sheepishly blare Beach Boys in the background. Reason being is it thaws your mind and soul, and I can get by till Indiana let’s us out of it’s final irritating cold snap.

Spring Fever feels fatal when smack dab in the middle of it’s onslaught, (Like this MARCH with snow still on the ground on the 26th still!!!).  However, like a bad case of the flu, it’ll pass.

Soon, we all will take a look around, find we’re still alive, and better yet, we won’t even mind! Take care of you… this tidbit of advice from-a-parent-to-a-parent, and the kids? Oh, they will live!


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