Written and Erased

blackboard_with_stand.png.jpeg“Imagine a blackboard in front of you,” I said.  I paused as I searched my heart for the exact words to say next. I wanted the image formed in her mind be one which allowed God to be fully understood in His love and make clearer the relationship that He craves for and with us.  “Picture all the things that you know are sins, or things you’ve done that you are not proud of.  See them written upon the board.  They are the things that keep you apart from God.”

I could see the shame pass across her eyes and knew she had written them on her board in but a second.  I let her linger there for a moment then continued, “now decide if you want to stay apart in that place away from God with all your failings, or if you’d like to be closer to Him.”  She looked up at me.  Her eyes teared and I knew they begged me to continue.

“There is no special place you have to go, no fancy words you have to say, no specific person to see, meet, or know.  All you have to do is be alone in yourself, stretch out your hands, open your heart, and say, ‘Hey God, it’s me…’  That’s it.  He will know your heart.  If you want to do more, tell him something like, ‘I’ve messed up a lot in my life, and I need you.  I want you to erase the board and forget my sins.  I love you, and I believe you can make me a better person.”  I wasn’t sure how to tell her that God didn’t need her words, He just needed her heart.  He knows what we desire to say even before it leaves our lips, but He loves hearing it from us.  If we can speak it to Him, then He treasures every word.  But if we can’t even utter a single word, then it’s no worry because He can hear our hearts all the same.

I looked at her deeply and slowly let my hand move up and down in front of me.  “Like a magic eraser, God can erase the blackboard full of marks against us, and while he CAN remember what was written, he CHOOSES to forget.  He will erase ail of it if you ask Him to.  You only need ask to receive this gift of love.”eraser_chalkboard

She sat and stared off into space.  I knew she was miles away, doing work with God.  “No one has ever put it like that before… just so simply,”  she finally said.  She sat quiet and wordless for a long time, and I did the same.  “It seems too easy,” she finally whispered.

It is easy… but we try to make it so much harder than it is.  Why is that?  God did all the work.  He sent his own son down to earth, to walk among us, to learn how it felt to be human, to be tempted and to suffer our pains, and then God sent this precious and only son of His, who never did a single bad thing, to a pay a criminal’s debt.  Jesus would die a death he didn’t deserve so that WE could someday NOT have to pay that debt.  We would be given the amazing gift of freedom and new life, forever, with just one simple requirement… We turn to God and accept His gift by saying, “Hey God, It’s me.  I need you!”

As Easter approaches, and as spring dawns and bursts forth into vibrant life once more, let your heart open.  Stretch and breathe in the wonders of new life.  If you haven’t asked God to erase your board, you should consider it.  He’s done all the work for you, all you have to do is accept His amazing gifts of life, love, and eternity with Him.


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