One blue finger and a Boy

My son was sitting on a examination table at the local Redi-med.  This one rocks because they have an in-house X-ray machine.  I never thought I would think a doctor’s office rocked because of the little room in the back, but today all that changed.

Apparently, if things are actually a big deal, my son neither cries nor tells a teacher anything about it.  If he scrapes a knee however, there is much drama and world ending screeching announcing the loss of said skin.  He didn’t even show it to me when he got home.  He showed his sister who then went nuts and made me come see it.  She freaked.

20130316-003235.jpgAfter carefully looking at a very crooked and blue finger, the doctor winced and said something very technical like, “Yikes!” and assured me we needed x-rays.  He had Drake “practice” straightening it over and over gently while they set the room up.  Wise man.  He may have done this before.  There’d be no drama with how bad it hurt if he was doing it himself, and he knew ahead how much it would hurt.

When they needed to take him over, he hopped down and left on his own, leaving mom behind while he went to get the scans done.  Only this morning he’d whined enough to make my ears bleed while getting ready for school over minor issues and petty complaints.  Now he was MR Brave.  Mr No Big Deal…  What a few hours can do…  It can man-up a boy, apparently.

The doctor came back into the room not long after with a long face.  Instead of telling me how badly he’d broken such a little bone in his pinky finger – enough to merit a trip to the orthopedic guys on Monday, he first clapped my little man on the back and let him know how impressed he was with how interesting he managed to make that break, and just how crooked he got it.

Drake grinned ear to ear and his eyes lit up.  He did a shy laugh and had this, “aw shucks” look to his face that left me wondering, ummmm, what did I miss?  I mean, a broken blue finger is not a good thing, right?  The doctor just CONGRATULATED HIM!

20130316-003436.jpgApparently I am just too much of a mom, and not enough of a male to get the cool factor here… so maybe I’ll let his dad take him into the Orthopedist on Monday.  They all can bond over this blue finger and congratulate my boy over one cool way he’s a new mini-man…  “Surgery.”

No tears, not even when he broke it at school, in the morning, telling no one but one girl at school who kept asking why it looked like that.  Ummm…  cause sweetheart, it’s BROKEN!!!

Okay – So I’m proud of this kid.  I’ll admit it.  I just wish it was over something other than his first broken bone.  I think it hurts me more than it does him right now.  Tomorrow the cool factor will wear off and it will just hurt.  Then he will want mom cuddle time.  I’ll be ready.  🙂


10 thoughts on “One blue finger and a Boy

  1. ParentingIsFunny says:

    “Then he will want mom cuddle time. I’ll be ready. :-)” Awh! Well, if the coolness factor wears off too soon for his liking, you can tell him that your blog followers think he’s really cool and brave too. That might stave off the pain for a little while longer.


    • Christi Campbell says:

      Thanks Laura! It was a ought say as a mom and for him, but he was a brave guy. No tears even when they numbed it up. Took that needle like a champ and even laughed in the face of pain! (He giggles when he’s scared and nervous) 🙂


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