The “BREAK” in Spring Break

Stormtrooper BunnyI thought this Easter was going to be different because it was to be the first year that we had no kids in the house that believed in Magical Easter Bunnies that come bearing chocolate yummy stuff and treats.  (Which Dad rocked it with a Stormtrooper Easter Bunny!)  In fact, all the magic is officially gone as we now know the “Tooth-i-nator” (boys don’t do “fairies”) is Mom and “Santa” is Dad.  But no, that was just a side note this year…

I knew when I got a call from my daughter on Friday that it wasn’t going to be a good “different.”  At first I thought Alli was hysterically laughing, but my gut told me otherwise.  A mom just knows when something isn’t quite right.  I couldn’t understand a word she was saying except “It hurts REALLY bad”.  Oh no…

The mom who had offered to drive my daughter to a skate party at the local roller dome confirmed it, Alli had a broken bone.  When an adult tells you in coded words that it’s definitely broken, there’s this sinking feeling you get in the pit of your stomach that leaves you feeling like YOU want your Mommy… but then you remember you ARE the Mommy.  It took me till i set eyes on my girl to get the nerves worked out of me and be ready to be calm mom for her.

482889_4689781798783_1185693169_nDerek drove up to get Alli at the rink, while I was coming from another part of town. I began making calls to get her in at the last minute to a family friend who happens to also be an orthopedic doctor.  As luck would have it, he was still at the office on this Good Friday afternoon and he’d stay to see us.  When Derek met up with me at the office, we both felt helpless.  She was in so much pain.  It was obvious to all that she needed to be seen.  The timing was perfect really, since they had just closed and we were ushered into X-ray and the exam room and then onto casting for a splint with zero wait time.

Tomorrow morning, after the weekend has had time to calm the inflammation and pain a bit, she will go in for surgery to pin the wrist most likely, but they will definitely need to do some adjusting to get her bones in alignment and then into a more permanent cast for the duration of healing.

My kids seem to be one-upping each other with the broken bone thing.  We’ve seen Dr Eddy three times inside of 9 days.  Now while we like him a lot, a BBQ is a better way to say hello than broken bones!  We’ve decided to wrap Lindsey in bubble wrap so that we can avoid the next round of ANYTHING.  WE are not going to go 3-for-3 here!

I hope you have had a less eventful Easter than we have.  This is only the second Easter of my life I’ve missed church.  It was very hard on all of us not to go and to have our family time and dinners, but Alli needed to take her medicine to keep her pain at bay, I decided to have a go around with a migraine or two, and everyone else has had their share of issues here and there as well.  God know how grateful we are that He came and died for us.  We’ve been close together as a family in prayer through this, and there is no way that does not honor and bless Him today.

May you each be blessed as well.

cat_broken_arm_doctor_vet_veterinary_sticker-rf6b0cc183e614020b4ef374b80bb9206_v9wth_8byvr_512🙂  If you think of it, say a extra prayer for my girl tomorrow.  She’s pretty scared about the coming surgery about 11am Monday.  This Mama wouldn’t mind the extra support either.   Thanks!


Renewed Hope in Spring

300_1054710Birds sing with renewed hope.

The sun shines with a spirit free.

Green fingers of new life peel back

The decay of winter, insisting on being seen.

The grave of winter cannot hold Spring

Just as the grave of death cannot hold the Son of God!

A new season dawns

As a celebration of life soon begins.

It’s deliciously appropriate for today!


May you be richly blessed this Easter weekend.

God bless!


Spring Fever in Indiana can be lethal!

[The following article appears in the March/April issue of MOMs magazine (print version) in conjunction with]  

spring-feverIt’s scary around here. You know, the “there’s only half a bag of goldfish crackers left in a room full of cranky, hungry, nap deprived toddlers, AND no time for a store run,” scary. It’s got disaster written all over it.

Spring in Indiana can leave a parent holding their breath. The warm and sunny moments are cruel sometimes, easily snatched away, like a stuffed animal by the mean kid who doesn’t know my, er… someone’s, favorite guy to play with is the tiny little hedgehog. But I’m an adult. I can deal with this calmly and rationally. I know in my brain-space that spring really WILL come. Someday.

My kids, however, aren’t calm and rational. It wasn’t wired into their DNA like it was mine. (Did someone just snicker? I heard a snicker…) My kids can’t stand to be cooped up. “Spring Fever” hits us earlier and earlier the older they get. I need an indoor trampoline to extract their energy, it’s getting bad. Only problem is we have a tiny, one floor ranch home, and hitting their heads on the ceiling would just silence them a while, not really fix anything.

spring-fever1All kidding aside, you are not alone. Every parent on the planet is probably facing the same feelings you are… this crazy spring fever hits when it’s been far too long since we’ve all been outside with any consistency, had fresh, warm, sunny air in our lungs, and let the winter chill melt. Hang in there. Never fear, my fellow fever busters. Parents must UNITE! We can survive this together, if we try. There are things to do for kids, but what about us?

Here’s what I’ve done to personally cure my feverish tendencies. If my dogs can manage to steal some sanity this way, I can too. Do the following: Grab the next sunny-ish day, warm or not, and soak up the rays. Plant yourself in front of the nearest window, close your eyes, and lean your head back. Channel soft breezes, chipper birdies, happy flowers, and lush green grass. Smile. Do lots of smiling. But keep those eyes closed. Don’t peek at the reality outside that window unless it’s pretending to LOOK like spring.

spring-2Do this long enough the sun will not only warm you, it will transform you. Yes, I’ve taken it so far as to lay in that little swatch of sun that spills over my front room floor around 2 PM, somewhat in the fetal position, and sheepishly blare Beach Boys in the background. Reason being is it thaws your mind and soul, and I can get by till Indiana let’s us out of it’s final irritating cold snap.

Spring Fever feels fatal when smack dab in the middle of it’s onslaught, (Like this MARCH with snow still on the ground on the 26th still!!!).  However, like a bad case of the flu, it’ll pass.

Soon, we all will take a look around, find we’re still alive, and better yet, we won’t even mind! Take care of you… this tidbit of advice from-a-parent-to-a-parent, and the kids? Oh, they will live!

Written and Erased

blackboard_with_stand.png.jpeg“Imagine a blackboard in front of you,” I said.  I paused as I searched my heart for the exact words to say next. I wanted the image formed in her mind be one which allowed God to be fully understood in His love and make clearer the relationship that He craves for and with us.  “Picture all the things that you know are sins, or things you’ve done that you are not proud of.  See them written upon the board.  They are the things that keep you apart from God.”

I could see the shame pass across her eyes and knew she had written them on her board in but a second.  I let her linger there for a moment then continued, “now decide if you want to stay apart in that place away from God with all your failings, or if you’d like to be closer to Him.”  She looked up at me.  Her eyes teared and I knew they begged me to continue.

“There is no special place you have to go, no fancy words you have to say, no specific person to see, meet, or know.  All you have to do is be alone in yourself, stretch out your hands, open your heart, and say, ‘Hey God, it’s me…’  That’s it.  He will know your heart.  If you want to do more, tell him something like, ‘I’ve messed up a lot in my life, and I need you.  I want you to erase the board and forget my sins.  I love you, and I believe you can make me a better person.”  I wasn’t sure how to tell her that God didn’t need her words, He just needed her heart.  He knows what we desire to say even before it leaves our lips, but He loves hearing it from us.  If we can speak it to Him, then He treasures every word.  But if we can’t even utter a single word, then it’s no worry because He can hear our hearts all the same.

I looked at her deeply and slowly let my hand move up and down in front of me.  “Like a magic eraser, God can erase the blackboard full of marks against us, and while he CAN remember what was written, he CHOOSES to forget.  He will erase ail of it if you ask Him to.  You only need ask to receive this gift of love.”eraser_chalkboard

She sat and stared off into space.  I knew she was miles away, doing work with God.  “No one has ever put it like that before… just so simply,”  she finally said.  She sat quiet and wordless for a long time, and I did the same.  “It seems too easy,” she finally whispered.

It is easy… but we try to make it so much harder than it is.  Why is that?  God did all the work.  He sent his own son down to earth, to walk among us, to learn how it felt to be human, to be tempted and to suffer our pains, and then God sent this precious and only son of His, who never did a single bad thing, to a pay a criminal’s debt.  Jesus would die a death he didn’t deserve so that WE could someday NOT have to pay that debt.  We would be given the amazing gift of freedom and new life, forever, with just one simple requirement… We turn to God and accept His gift by saying, “Hey God, It’s me.  I need you!”

As Easter approaches, and as spring dawns and bursts forth into vibrant life once more, let your heart open.  Stretch and breathe in the wonders of new life.  If you haven’t asked God to erase your board, you should consider it.  He’s done all the work for you, all you have to do is accept His amazing gifts of life, love, and eternity with Him.

One blue finger and a Boy

My son was sitting on a examination table at the local Redi-med.  This one rocks because they have an in-house X-ray machine.  I never thought I would think a doctor’s office rocked because of the little room in the back, but today all that changed.

Apparently, if things are actually a big deal, my son neither cries nor tells a teacher anything about it.  If he scrapes a knee however, there is much drama and world ending screeching announcing the loss of said skin.  He didn’t even show it to me when he got home.  He showed his sister who then went nuts and made me come see it.  She freaked.

20130316-003235.jpgAfter carefully looking at a very crooked and blue finger, the doctor winced and said something very technical like, “Yikes!” and assured me we needed x-rays.  He had Drake “practice” straightening it over and over gently while they set the room up.  Wise man.  He may have done this before.  There’d be no drama with how bad it hurt if he was doing it himself, and he knew ahead how much it would hurt.

When they needed to take him over, he hopped down and left on his own, leaving mom behind while he went to get the scans done.  Only this morning he’d whined enough to make my ears bleed while getting ready for school over minor issues and petty complaints.  Now he was MR Brave.  Mr No Big Deal…  What a few hours can do…  It can man-up a boy, apparently.

The doctor came back into the room not long after with a long face.  Instead of telling me how badly he’d broken such a little bone in his pinky finger – enough to merit a trip to the orthopedic guys on Monday, he first clapped my little man on the back and let him know how impressed he was with how interesting he managed to make that break, and just how crooked he got it.

Drake grinned ear to ear and his eyes lit up.  He did a shy laugh and had this, “aw shucks” look to his face that left me wondering, ummmm, what did I miss?  I mean, a broken blue finger is not a good thing, right?  The doctor just CONGRATULATED HIM!

20130316-003436.jpgApparently I am just too much of a mom, and not enough of a male to get the cool factor here… so maybe I’ll let his dad take him into the Orthopedist on Monday.  They all can bond over this blue finger and congratulate my boy over one cool way he’s a new mini-man…  “Surgery.”

No tears, not even when he broke it at school, in the morning, telling no one but one girl at school who kept asking why it looked like that.  Ummm…  cause sweetheart, it’s BROKEN!!!

Okay – So I’m proud of this kid.  I’ll admit it.  I just wish it was over something other than his first broken bone.  I think it hurts me more than it does him right now.  Tomorrow the cool factor will wear off and it will just hurt.  Then he will want mom cuddle time.  I’ll be ready.  🙂