Happy Heart Day!

Today was the day I always dreaded when single and loved when with my honey, and treasure now with my kids.

20130214-221531.jpgI began their day as any good mom. I sent them off to school with chocolate chip waffles in their tummies and a soaring good mood and sugar high for their teachers. Grin. Okay so that may not be the exact definition of a good mom, but I dare you to make my kids believe you. I can assure you that today, they bounded out of bed happily for the same reasons as I did, the lure of chocolate. What they dont know is that I’m sneaky and i sometimes use things like chocolate to turn ordinary mornings into treasured family moments. Today as all five of us ate our fill,with zero fights, (you have NO idea how huge this is) and our “happy heart day” chocolate breakfast tradition continues to thrive, it’s my hope that they will tuck away the sweet syrupy smiles and sticky melted chocolate messes that have molded us together in ways that can only happen around a kitchen table, laughing as a family.

Later on, I scooted over to the retirement home where I visit my Grams weekly. I was her Valentine for lunch and I brought her goodies to munch on.

20130214-221444.jpgLindsey apologetically gave a card to us and kept wishing she had money to buy us something “nice and special”. Mom, I understand now. I do. I used to say the same thing to her. But now I get it. You can’t buy the kind of love that’s in a hand made card, made from whatever a girl finds when moms not looking. There isn’t enough gold or treasure to use that could buy. These kind of gifts are far better than anything I could ask for on some wish list.

My only wish list is that someday you get a card made with this kind of love. Because everyone deserves to be so loved like I am. 😉

Love you friends!!


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