SuperBowl Technology Challenges

Wow – This year, the overwhelming thing everyone will be talking about is going to be the technology failures and challenges that went into getting this game played tonight.  Power outages – that’s what New Orleans is going to be remembered for.

At the Campbell house?  Oh we had technology challenges galore too!  See, we have decided that we wont pay a bazillion bucks to fill pockets of cable companies for TV that we really shouldn’t be spending hours watching.  Plus, the cash flow just aint there.  It began as an adventure of what we could cut and live without when things began getting tight in the budget.  Now?  I honestly have no intention of ever going back to cable even when/if life ever is so comfortable that I can blow money on things I dont need.

The only catch is to have a TV that can capture the digital airwaves that are floating around and play them in some sort of fashion that make sense.  We have a small TV in the bedroom that does this beautifully.  It’s only a handful of years old, so it’s great.  The large screen in the Living Room is a hand me down and it is the big, heavy, huge full tube TV and it’s got the big bunny ears on top to help pull in something sensible to the converter box.  We moved backward in time a bit there.  I remember the times we used to adjust the ears on the TV in my childhood and my dad would say, okay, now dont move!  And my hand would be on the ears and he’d be watching the big game.

Mostly we just rely on streaming internet access through the Wii we have and play Netflix.  But that wont work for the Super Bowl !  So we tried streaming the internet through the Wii, but it crashed over and over.  We tried to play it live over the internet and watch it on the computer in the Living Room.. but we were missing out on Commercials (the only thing the kids care about) and it was fading in and out.  So we finally gave in, we all huddled in our bedroom together on the Queen size bed and we cuddled up for the night.


The parents watching the Super Bowl Action

The parents watching the Super Bowl Action

The Girls watching the big Game

The Girls watching the big Game

And you know what?  It was the best game there was.  The girls were at our feet, curled together with a dog between them.  Drake was between Derek and I and he was holding a pooch too.  There was NO room for us to move, but we had snacks made by Derek – a marvelous Queso cheese dip with salsa and beef, black beans and Tortilla chips all hot at a moments whim in the crock pot.  We were good.  We were together.  We had all we needed.  Who needs a big screen??

Let me tell you, the excitement in the room tonight could not have been made any better by a screen bigger.  Their dad and I, well we’d love a bit more room to stretch and maybe room to breathe next year, as our kids are growing like weeds.  The times where we all fit in this small Queen bed are coming to a close.  But they haven’t yet.  So we treasure our night because for tonight, we DID fit.

And when your kids are 9, 12, and 14…  every single memory is worth remembering.  Especially when they’re this good.  🙂  So who won the game?  Well as of this posting, the game is still playing but let me be clear, the winner is the Campbells.  We won.  Because Family time won big and it will count long after the last fan has left the building and the last paper cup and popcorn kernel has been cleaned away in the days ahead.

Sorry Ravens, Sorry 49ers, you take a back seat tonight to the Campbells.  We win.


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