Just “BECAUSE” I love you…

67645_10200581197118849_2114318254_nLast night my husband sent me a text about the time he should have been driving in the driveway.  He knows I stay up and wait for him to come home.  He said he was running a bit late, and not to worry.  He works second shift right now and it’s brutal on family life.  He is trying hard to keep his sleep schedule on a third shift life, however, so it makes it more interesting.  He’s attempting it this way this year in hopes he can easily flip back to life that begins in February on third shift.  He’s been flipping from first to second to third, all over the place, and if he can keep his sleep in somewhat the same general place of the day, it helps a bit.  A tiny bit.

Anyway, I digress.  He ran an “errand” on the way home, at 10:30pm last night.  He stopped off at Meijers… NOT on the way home.  What did he pick up?  A single long stem red rose for me, a box of the fudge rounds I’d been craving, a pizza to throw in the oven for his dinner he was craving, and a box of donuts for the kids when they woke in the morning as a surprise.  (They dont see dad on the week days.  He works from 1:30-10:30pm, and he is still sleeping on his 3rd shift schedule in the mornings before they go off to school)  So this was not only a surprise, it was HUGE to these kids.

When he walked in the door with the goodies, and the rose held before him, my mouth dropped open and I stood speechless.  I didn’t know what to say!

“What!  Why??” I finally exclaimed as I threw myself into his arms. He just quietly grinned and shrugged.  “Just because,” I questioned?

With a nod of his head he agreed and added, “and I didn’t even do anything wrong.”  He grinned at me and held me close.  Truly, he took my breath away.  He had no idea.  None.  Though, I expected, he may have had a small inkling.  After all, he DID bring me that rose… GRIN 😀64990_10200581196918844_1392189861_n

It’s been a long and trying week to my emotional soul, and at that point it was still only Wednesday.  I was beyond blessed that he not only saw me and noticed, but he reached out and bridged the gap and found a way to sooth it away with just a simple and genuine act of love.

There are many ways to say I love you, but the best ones come when you don’t expect them… when they are “just because”.

Thanks Babe, you’ll never know how much this meant to me.  I truly needed this.


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