Successful launch of a future cook

Since my girls were tiny, they’ve been cooking with me.  We’ve pushed chairs up to the counter and watched, helped, and assisted Mom since they could stand.  Well NOW, it’s a whole new set up. Lindsey usually is ready to rock without me!  She’s setting up, mixing, baking, and CLEANING up after, all alone!

My girl Lindsey - a fantastic baker and cook!

My girl Lindsey – a fantastic baker and cook!

She used to make me chocolate pudding whenever I was feeling sick, a bit down, or just wanted to surprise me.  That began at age 4.  Now at 14 she has evolved into full breakfasts, dinners, desserts, and her favorite is cupcakes right now.  Yummy…  mine too!

We are never at a loss for something delicious if Lindsey has her way.  Actually both my girls are amazing cooks.  Allison does the same, with her specialty being perfect eggs, waffles and French Toast, and amazing chewy brownies.  I’ve made sure they both know how to work a crock pot, and have a long list of things they can make ranging from chicken, soups, pastas, to roasts even.  They know what to do.  If they had to begin feeding the family full time, they could.  We make a lot of fun things like tacos and pizzas too.  They can cook more things before they can drive than many women can cook when they are first married.  I am thrilled to say that these girls are set for the real world and will fly when they leave my nest.  At least they wont starve!

My kids are growing up.  I’m trying to make sure they’re ready for the world.  I even have the little guy cooking with me too.  By the time he leaves, he will be as good a cook as they are.  I hope his wife will someday be thrilled that she can lean on his mad skillz his mother taught him in the kitchen!  HA!


4 thoughts on “Successful launch of a future cook

  1. adoptivefather says:

    You have no idea what a blessing you are to your girls’ future boyfriends and husbands. Janice didn’t know how to cook when we got married, which made no sense to me since her mother is a great cook. God bless her, though, she has learned and now does most of the cooking in our house. She still leans on me for ideas and tips, but I never go hungry and most of the time I thoroughly enjoy what i eat. : )


    • Christi Campbell says:

      This proves – a way to a man IS through his stomach – if he gets his preferences 🙂 But a good man wont care a whit in the end, and will help out a gal till she’s ready to fly! Kudos to you both!

      I’m selfishly thrilled that both my girls relieve my burden and cook me breakfast in bed often, love to make elaborate lunches on the weekend and I partake of, and when I’m down, they can pick up and feed the family and no one goes hungry. It’s a total win on this end, and can only help them as they fly from the nest one day. 🙂 Thanks for the pop by!


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