Catching the moments as they come

Allison and I catch a Chai and some magazines at the bookstore.

Allison and I catch a Chai and some magazines at the bookstore.


Sometimes moments present themselves and if you’re careful, you can catch them before they blow past.  Yesterday was just such a day.  It was a day that had some stress to it for Alli.  We had to be at the school for a meeting and it wasn’t a bad meeting by any means, but it was one where we had to deal with lots of stuff that are not fun.  Things are really hard for her and we are doing everything we can to make them better… but still, it’s brutal in many ways.  I am proud of how hard she is working to make it work.  She is amazing.

After the meeting, since we were already out, I decided to snag her away and keep her all to myself.  We don’t get nearly enough alone time as just us two girls.  To begin, we did an errand she has been looking forward to.  We ran over to the sporting goods store and bought her indoor soccer shoes and shorts.  She begins playing on the school’s indoor team the end of this month.  It’s hard to believe she’s already old enough for that.  Then we dropped by our favorite hangout.  The bookstore.  We grabbed a Starbucks chai and some magazines and plopped down for some afternoon reading and giggling.

I love bookstores.  I love the smell of books and the feel of them surrounding me.  Alli does too.  Its what she requests to do whenever she wants some alone time with me.  She’s a girl so close to my heart – you’d think I intentionally gave her the best of me when I helped God make her 🙂

Little snippets of treasure will present themselves randomly and if you don’t notice, they will pass right by.  It’s happened many times to me and after I notice they’re gone, my heart does a little sad flop.  It makes me more anxious to be aware of every time they show up.  Yesterday – I saw it and I took the unplanned detour.  I can honestly say nothing I had planned for yesterday afternoon mattered.  Not as much as that time with my middle daughter did.  She will only be 12 for 6 more months, and then that will be gone.  Yesterday is already over and I can never get it back.

Thanks, God, for stolen moments, and treasured memories.

I love ya, Alli girl!  There’s no one like you.  🙂


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