It really IS A “Wonderful Life”

A while back I took a chance and sucked up all the courage I didn’t have and set out to do something completely insane.  I auditioned for a play down at the community theater.  I know.  I obviously had lost my mind.  But it has been the best crazy moments I’ve had in at least 2+ years.  It’s given me my life back. A life I had forgotten I even had.

Before Charlie had his Angels, George Bailey had us.  With "Mary" and "Violet".

Before Charlie had his Angels, George Bailey had us. With “Mary” and “Violet”.

For those of you who read often, read the following as, “Blah blah blah, and tolerate the repetitive onslaught of conversation about to come at you in hyper drive sequences.  If I apologize now, I am in the clear for your future yawns or statements to your computer screen of, “I know all this, get on with it already, Campbell!”

That officially said – Here’s the thing…  I thought I was getting along pretty okay, and holding my own.  I was gradually getting stronger and decreasing the meds I hated so much.  I worked my way through a tough detox back last May of some pretty intense drugs that had been prescribed and didn’t work for me… (and frankly never should have been prescribed.)  It’s taken just shy of 2 years for the host of doctors and techs to look at my films, get test results, order more tests, trial runs of meds, finding I’m allergic or just ODD and cant take the normal versions of meds, and finally, FINALLY, settling in on a set of drugs that will work together and keep me seemingly normal.

Bert and George  ?lovingly? wring my neck.  I didn't do anything.  I swear!

Bert and George ?lovingly? wring my neck. I didn’t do anything. I swear!

YES – I know the word normal and Christi do NOT, in fact, make sense to insert into a common sentence.  Will you stop getting distracted and just work with me here??  Good heavens.

Long story short – I have a set of medicines that are working to keep my life in a somewhat workable balance.  I have days that are off.  Today is one of them.  I’m a tad fuzzy and the weather is reminding me of all the reasons I take these blasted medicines are all too real.  I suppose it keeps me from getting smug and cocky, declaring myself well and healed, and doing something stupid like jumping off the cocktails I loathe so much.

Me and "Mary" - and my audition Buddy.  I hardly remember what I did before I had this amazing girlfriend!

Me and “Mary” – and my audition Buddy. I hardly remember what I did before I had this amazing girlfriend!

But regardless – here I am, shocking myself, and happier than I have been in ages.  I am finding that the girl I once was is still very much alive.  I really did wonder if she was still tucked inside somewhere, or if I’d lost her.  But she survived the battle back.  A big FYI –  watch out world – this is only the beginning.

After “waking up” and finding what it is to live ALIVE – I just cant stand to go back to living dead inside again.  I have to do what makes me tick.  And this is one of those things.  I find it no ironic coincidence that the play that brings me back to life is none other than “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

Hope you’ll enjoy a few of the snapshots from the behind the scenes insanity of our opening night.  It was splendidly fun.  I had forgotten how positively electric it is.  The energy is zinging and popping all over the place.  I swear there was a glow to the cast long after the lights went to blackout.

If you are around here the next two weekends, come on by for the show!  We have 6 more shows to go!


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