Slow Dancin and the #18th Grateful thing

Okay, so I admit it.  I stink at posting my official list for the 30 consecutive days of Gratitude.  I will do a run down maybe at the end, but the fact is, I have a list, It is a great one, and it has kept me grounded and finding things to be thankful for in the midst of some times this month when I’ve found that a bit of a challenge.

That said… I’ll move right along to today.  As I looked back over today, the moment that stood out in my mind was one that my whole being began to cling to the second my body relaxed into living IN the moment, not two beats ahead and one pace behind, doubling back to see how I could have played that hand differently.

I was standing in the kitchen and a low, slow beat, jazzy and swanky began to drift in.  The raspy voice of the gal was calling out to her lover boy, and I turned to seek mine.  In he drifted as if called.  I moved to him in a single step and he held out his arms to me.  In a move only accomplished with the ease of 18 years of knowing someone can bring, our bodies matched each move and step as the music ebbed and flowed.  We did no fancy steps, nor moved with matchless grace.  But our hearts clung to one another and we let ourselves slip away.

This sits in my Living room, a tribute of our moments together when the world is held at bay when we are held in each other’s embrace. (Sculpture by WillowTree)

Each passing second took us farther and farther from our world.  Closing my eyes, I lay my head on my husband’s chest.  His heartbeat steadily kept time with a rhythm we had set our feet to.  He had my left hand tucked into his, held tightly to his chest.  My right was caught in his hair, trailing down slowly across his broad shoulder and back again.  The kitchen was gone, the kids were outside, the worries slipped away, and all that was left was us… standing in the sunlight, the slow jazz flowing like a ribbon that tied us up together.

We needed this.  I cant tell you how much we needed this.  So much so that each time we broke away to begin moving towards things we needed to do, we found our way back to each other and into another embrace and another song.  We danced till our hearts were ready to tackle life again.

Today, on the 18th day of November, I am grateful to have a man I have been with for nearly half my life, and nearly all of my adulthood, to call my best friend.

Having met him at age 20, I can honestly say, not much of my life was all that adult BEFORE age 20.  I guess I wasn’t really all that adult till well after we were married at 22 and had our first child at 25.  Maybe I got to feeling a bit “adultish” in my 30’s.  Now that they are winding down in numbers, I guess I cant deny I am an adult anymore.  My kids are now moving into teen-hood and so I cant pretend I’m a young girl just out of college anymore.  Not with any sense of realistic sanity.

So babe… thanks for slow dancing with me, in the kitchen, and for letting the world slip away from us for a moment.  I love escaping into your arms.  It’s my favorite place in the world to be.  It always will be.  I love you.  ❤


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