Day 6 of Gratitude + “Where’s my sticker?”

Day #6 of Gratitude:  The freedom to vote as a woman and citizen both. No matter the outcome, having a personal choice and voice without fear is something not to take lightly.

Truly – the right to a vote is huge.  So many places in this world I would be voiceless.  Not just the little things I take for granted, like being heard in my own home, even on my sassy days, but in public and governmental ways in which the very fabric of our leaders is chosen.  In no way do I romanticize this.  In fact, sadly, I honestly looked at the choices for President and asked myself, THESE are the two best and brightest America has to offer us in 2012?  Really?  I wont go there – because I don’t do politics in blogs or on FB…  but I know of some amazing individuals out there I would love to see in the White House.  But anyway – it’s neither here nor there.  The vote is cast!

God will be God, no matter what MAN is chosen to live and work in the Oval office.  God is bigger than it all, and HE is still in charge last I heard.

Thanks to my friend Dori I just discovered that you can get STICKERS! when you vote – stating “I voted”. (sorta the adult equivalent of the “I went on the potty” sticker that would come home on our preschooler.) Why do I feel somehow unjustly jipped? Where’s my sticker? Huh?  I THOUGHT all votes were created equal!  Boy was I wrong 🙂

But don’t worry if you TOO got jipped!  Here’s a link to make your frown turn upside down…


What do you think?

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