Road Trip!

A backseat view of before giggles took over and silliness reigned supreme!

We don’t go on road trips often.  In fact in reality they are a bit stressful and the anticipation is far more exciting than the drive.  “Are we there yet” has been replace by “how many shows till we get there”.  Yes, we have a movie machine thingy in the car, but that’s not what they mean… When they were tiny and couldn’t tell time, I would relate time to what they understood then… TV show segments.  So we’d measure a 3 hour trip as a count down from 6 Sponge Bob Square Pants show to 1…  creating anticipation and hopefully less stress overall.

If I took a pic every second, each one would be different. It was so refreshing!

A while back we went down to see our family and the kids were refreshingly joyous.  It may have had something to do with the end of the drought and the greening up of the countryside after months of dry crunchy grass and colorless landscapes.  It was as if God were putting on a show for us out our windows.


My view and preferred position of choice – with feet reclined – till I was told to put my feet down and sit up… as only a DAD can say (even if I am the wife, not one of the kids! 🙂 hee hee)

It was vibrant, rich, and the clouds were creating a symphony of shapes and textures that was ever changing.  While my hubby did the work of the trip in driving, the rest of us got busy chattering and relaxing to the view.  It was of course, a photo moment I wanted to capture so I could relive it on an occasion I was needing an up moment.  Tonight, plagued by night 7 in a stretch of sleepless insomnia attacks, I decided THIS was my moment.

So If you care not a whit about what was out my window… move your tooshie right along.  THIS blog is all about reliving a road trip of gratefulness, where I am reminded again tonight why I choose to sacrifice everything I’m asked to in order to be a good mom to these three kids and occupy the spouse seat on our road trip called LIFE.

Drake holds Doogie so he can get a better view

The thing I come back to over and over is that it really is the mundane, ordinary, and the everyday life that counts the most.  I don’t live for the big Mountain top experiences that come infrequently (wonderful though they are) but for the daily life that seems almost noteless… How you live life, every day, day in and out, with authentic realness when no one is watching is what reveals your true character.

Linds holds Kori as she shows her the sights along the way

My hope is that my kids will be most impacted by these little moments, of singing off key in the car to the latest fad music, dancing so that my teens tell me to stop because a car is coming (on a country road 3 hours from HOME) and then dancing all the more! – and the laughter and giggles that no matter how many times you say in your “mom voice” to quiet down, they rev up till they are rolling and held to the seats only because of the lap belts they wear.  THESE are the moments I treasure.

Alli chilled out and relaxed

The next time you are in the mundane Monday’s, the tired Tuesdays, the weary Wednesdays, or any ordinary day that is next on the calendar… remember that all of life is worthy of notation.  They build up our “story” and if someone took notice of yours… would yours be one YOU’d want to read?  If not, then begin to rewrite the way you do the everyday things and notice the world outside your windows.  Amazing is waiting in the wings to inspire you if you’re open to looking beyond the clouds and at the symphony that playing a masterpiece just for you.

A country girl at heart, breaking from the city and hitting the countryside is an immediate mood lifter and smile maker.


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