Boy, OH Boy

Sometimes my son can make me giggle and laugh out loud long after he’s gone off to school.  Today was one of those LOL days – not the kind where you just say LOL and pretend you’ve actually Laughed OUT Loud – but honestly belted out a good gut buster and not a soul was around.  The dogs both looked at me like I’d lost my mind, but they don’t really count, right?

I know all kids can be funny, but I swear by it – mine’s the best at it.  What?  You think I’m partial?  Well unless you have some proof on yours, I’m gonna claim my kid for today’s funny face prize.

Sometimes it’s the little things that matter – and today it was a big enough stress day that before I got out of bed I wondered if I was big enough to handle it all.  But hidden amongst the cobwebs of my computer’s digital dusty files were some stress busters made just for me by my son.  He never knew when he sat one November day last year that I would be so in need of the joy today.

So Drake, one of the many gifts God’s given you is the gift of humor, laughter, and to crack a grin and take the room in tow behind your refreshingly wild boy heart.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my smiles today, and my son’s shenanigans!  Lighten up a bit – life’s too short to be taken so seriously.  🙂


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