Record time

None of my kids are babies anymore.  Bittersweetly sad but true.  So sitting in a waiting room with babies crying, little toddler bead-run toys, and tiny tables were no longer feeling comfortable.  Puberty had set in and this was soooo lame.

With that I somewhat wistfully requested our records and moved them into the family doctor that both my parents, my husband and I share.  We are now all together at Doc U’s and it is honestly easier to have one place to deal with.

I started out working at this Pediatric office, however, before I ever was a momma of kids.  I concede that working there was at least half responsible for creating my “baby fever” I had so badly when we were married just a year along.  I’ve know the doctors as friendly co-workers, not just my kid’s doctors.  It’s sorta sad to leave an era behind.

But that said – Doc U has known me as a patient since before I had kids as well… so I’m blessed with a wonderful family doctor who is truly that – one for my whole family, even my parents.

I showed up to take the three massive envelopes of files since birth for my kids over with me to transfer into their new records only to find one tiny envelope.  I looked at the lady with a tilt of the head and said, “are these just the shot records?”  She knew I was frustrated with not having ALL of them as requested.

She smiled and pulled out a tiny engraved USB drive.  I tried not to let my mouth hang open as obviously as I’m sure it did.  Yeah, duh…  it’s the next generation Christi.

But do you have any idea how many hours I spent at the copy machine making copies and filing originals in the transferred out shelving units… trying to find files and put families together into new filing systems and do it all by hand.   Now it’s all digital and on a tiny thumb drive.  This means they can download the records and do whatever they do with them… and I can keep this and have my kid’s records since the day they were born.  I’m in awe.

Now that medical records seem particularly important to me in my personal health – it’s kinda nice to have my kids and be able to know when a sniffle was, and when major illnesses had hit.  I dont remember much, but it’s all documented for three kids how they’ve grown, where they are on the growth chart, and all at my fingertips.  Moreover, I now have a way to have their complete records should we have need to travel or an emergency while out of town.  It’s all there on a tiny thumb drive.

So what is the point to all this rambling?  Just the surprise and awe of how far we’ve come and happy to have reached the day where we are all together in one place with a doctor we trust. One where they’ve even worked with us through sticky insurance issues, no insurance at all, and now back to a good plan.  It’s a blessing these days to have a trustworthy doctor for your family – and have peace of mind when it comes to my family’s health.  🙂

I take none of it for granted.  It’s a huge blessing.


2 thoughts on “Record time

  1. Teresa Cleveland Wendel says:

    I tried a doc at a different clinic because it was cheaper with our insurance. After one visit, I returned to my old one. It’s nice to have someone treat you who’s known you most of your life.


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