Like reading about yourself…

I found an article that made me take a step back.  It was oddly comforting.  I am throwing this out there for anyone curious or has need of more info on Chiari Malformation.  Cant tell you how good it felt to read something that sounded like pages out of my own life.

I’m not able to do the decompression surgery at this point…  as they think it wont help my headaches at all, but after a long week of constant migraines, it was a very good thing to feel part of the “club” instead of an oddity.

If more “famous” people were challenged by Chiari’s it wouldn’t be something unheard of by everyone.  But that’s true of so many conditions.  You only learn about them when someone you know, love, or you yourself has been affected by.

Anyway… here it is…  just click the link and be taken to it.  Good read.  Highly recommend it.

And just to say it again… thank you to all who have been so helpful, comforting, and supportive in this last year, and in the years long before diagnosis.*W2ifTe6HrjAxutiKzdA7P3sb*lSs2mgYtAoHU3o5fCKxTS**u*sEshv/10_Year_Ache__Singer_Rosanne_Cash_on_living_with.16.pdf


The Power of a Horse

My daughter has been working on a ranch all summer, and the power of looking into those strong yet gentle eyes of a horse is life changing. I can’t say it better… So I’m reblogging Jen’s… All I can add is, “amen” to the end. It’s like a prayer…

One Personality - Not Split, Just Shredded

Thru the power of a horse, my daughter is growing into a strong woman. She has learned the satisfaction of hard work as she has thrown bales of hay off a wagon in temperatures the Devil wouldn’t work in. She has learned how to control the direction and speed of a 1200 pound animal thru the use of her legs alone.

Thru the power of a horse, my daughter is growing into a confident woman. She has learned to pick herself up off the ground and try it again until she gets it right. She has reaped the rewards of swallowing her fears and trying things she never imagined she could – rewards that extend beyond any 95 cent ribbon she may receive.

Thru the power of a horse, my daughter is growing into a woman of compassion. She has become in tune to the behavior and habits of her…

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Just Thanks…

I am not up to writing… and it’s been a while since I have.

My brain works fine, well, in theory, but I’ve had a rough week or two health wise.  Never the less, I have been thanking God for the many blessings I’ve been given over the last year.  It’s amazing how many answers to prayer have come about in just one circular year.

When I have bad weeks, my brain gets messy.  It’s unclear what I really think and I miss so much of the reality.  This time, however, instead of being a wallowing mess, and  thinking myself alone in it all, I am gonna remember that I am FAR from alone, and be grateful for the many things that have gone RIGHT, not just the things it’s easy to remember that haven’t.  And when I say “haven’t” gone right – what that really boils down to is “not my way”.  Hmmm….  that sounds a bit like a child being ungrateful.

So instead of blogging tonight…  I am going to go count my many blessings.  Yes this is a blog – but you get my point!

Hint hint – maybe you should make a list too.  However long it is, it’s good list.  🙂