Stupid bee… REALLY??

My favorite part of church growing up was the “Children’s Story”.  If you’ve never been to a church that has this… it’s the fantastic part of the service where kids get to leave their seats, run down the isle to the front steps of the church and gather to hear the KID part of the sermon.  As a kid I loved it – but as an adult it’s even better.  Watching the kids and hearing their answers and randomness is pure joy packed inside of a five minute “story”.  And often, well the adults get as much out of that as the kids do, they just don’t want to admit it.  The story will stay tucked inside of them and pop up when they are unsuspecting.  God works in our “kid hearts” no matter how old we are.

I’m rambling, I know, I know…

Every now and again, as my parents are still ministering at two small rural churches, my mom will relay a “thought for the day” to me in an email and it eventually will turn into a children’s story.  I love it because I can hear it from the eyes of a child each time she tells me.

Last Sunday’s story was about a stupid bee.  Yep.  There is something to be learned from observing life – and it’s oddities – and yeah – find God in stupid bees.

Thames artificial flowers sat in a decorative corner and a very busy bee was desperately trying to get something out of nothing.  Over and over he tried.  He believed with all his little bee heart in what he saw before him and continually buzzed around, tiring himself out with busy “bee” work, but it was not getting him anywhere.

Not even one foot away sat a LIVE potted Petunia.  To admit he was getting no where would be to give into defeat right?  He could make this work if he just kept at it.  So that’s what he did.  All along… the sweetest offerings and more satisfying work was just behind him if only he’d look up long enough and ask for a little direction in is little bee life.

Bees are not much different from people.  We can be a lot like stupid bees sometimes.  Have you ever tried to do something on your own without asking for help, but you knew you were not sure what to do?  Have you ever been sure you could do it if you just tried hard enough?  It’s good to try hard and to work at things – and even believe in ourselves… but we need to be looking in good places for what we need to know and encouragement from Someone who can help us work BETTER.

Looking for answers in the wrong places will get us nowhere.  It doesn’t matter how hard you work, how much effort you put into it, or even if you BELIEVE in yourself enough.  Just like fake flowers will give a bee no sweet reward… empty and fake choices, and not looking to God (the REAL thing) will never give you the good things you need.

God has good things for us, will provide for us our needs, but we have to be willing to look for Him in our daily lives, look into His word for direction, and to ask Him to give us guidance to the best and sweetest offerings that could be just a foot away from us.

God loves us and can see us working hard at life just like we can watch a bee.  He can see the direction we could be going.  So next time you feel like a busy bee, stop and look up.  Ask God the directions the “Petunias” are growing in, and then set about finding the good things he has for you!

(And there you go – your children’s story “nugget” for the week.  If you want the silly kid comments and responses, you’ll just have to visit a Children’s story near you!)


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