Monday’s Hero…

My husband is a quiet man… but he is far from quiet in the ways he is writing upon the hearts of my children.

Today is simply another start to the week…  but not for my family.  Today my husband begins a new job promotion.  It’s full of stress, new things to know and still learn, and he’s exhausted both physically and mentally from two and a half weeks of intense training.  He’s not a TYPE A personality.  So many times he has been told that is what makes a person successful by the world.  A “go getter”.

But for a minute – I want to show the “world” what a real “Go-Getter” can look like…

It’s a man who shifts from working nights onto living days each weekend and then back again so his family has him around.  Its the guy who never says no to a “can we ride to the park” bike ride, always holds a child who wants a book read, and is always more concerned about his family’s day than rehashing the day he just had.  It’s the man who offers to take his daughter to Chicago as a chaperone on a field trip and then a few hours later go into work for the night on whatever sleep he can get on a bus ride home full of middle school teens.  If the willingness alone is not red cape hero material, I don’t know what is.

It’s not just about what he does though… it’s about who he is daily, when no one is really looking.

Respect.  He almost unconsciously gives it.   He shares it unconditionally with not just family – but work colleagues, neighbors, and strangers alike.

He is quietly faithful to God.  When he prays over his family, it is strong and unwavering, powerful, and protective.  It’s amazing.  God moves in this house because he keeps us before the throne of God daily, by his continuous prayers.

He may be quiet, but he knows what needs done… and has never taken a day off for sickness, or himself, ever.  He is teaching his children what a work ethic is just by living his life in front of them.  He is showing them what it means to give his word and stick by it.  A promise is a promise.  Your word is your word.  If you take a job, you show up.  Period.

We need more cape-less heros in our world… and frankly, the ones who go about it quietly are critical.  It’s not wordiness we need – but living examples.

So Derek, I thank you for all that you do for us… but more over, I thank you for WHO you are.  I am praying over you today, and am more proud of you than these words can ever express.  I am so honored to have been your wife for these nearly 16 years.   I love you.


4 thoughts on “Monday’s Hero…

    • Christi Campbell says:

      I think we dont appreciate each other (people in general) or tell each other we do nearly enough. Be the solution, not the problem – what I try to do daily. So thanks – and yeah, I am blessed 🙂


  1. betsyk1 says:

    That’s truly awesome. Christi, if you would like to offer a contribution to the one a day desk calendar I’m compiling: 365 Ways to Enjoy Your Marriage More, please email me at I’ll include your name with your suggestions and send you a free copy when it’s complete! I’d appreciate your perspective. 🙂


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