It’s about TIME…

I cant tell you how glad I am today is Saturday!

This week has been wonderful with seeing family during the holiday weekend, and yet for me…so exausting.

Ever feel like you just need a day off before the week even starts?  Yeah.  That’s been my life for about 4 weeks now… and while there is a soccer game to go cheer for my Amazing Alli – the rest of it will be loafing off.

Today – I’m simply grateful for … time, family, the many blessings I’ve been graced with, and more time.

Sometimes in the midst of busy life and the trials it brings, I forget that I have been given much “time” in the midst of it.  Time I would otherwise not have.  It’s hard to be grateful for being down (health-wise) and not able to do the things I always have done; run around with kids, groceries, DRIVING, and the volunteering and working I have always loved.  But in the midst of this hard place in life – time is still here and waiting to be filled up, same as always.

Honestly though?  It forces me to really see my kids growing, their daily lives, to be here for snuck phone calls from school on scary days for one, to hear the immediate after school updates, and to be able to lay with another when nightmares come.  I used to be a “Just a minute” mom, because I was always working into the future. But now I just live in the “now”.

And that’s not bad – no matter how you look at it.  There are always blessings if you look for them.  Today – I’m simply blessed to pieces with time!


One thought on “It’s about TIME…

  1. Teresa Cleveland Wendel says:

    What a blessing that you were given this gift of “slowing down” because of your trials. And even more, that you are able to view it as a blessing–something that I can stand to learn from. Thanks.


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