Sometimes life is just awkward.

It may be an unusual family moment, a response to a situation out in public, or just how things fit together in life.  There’s lots of different forms of awkward.  And frankly, I’ve been feeling like I’ve had a lot of them lately…

Nothing I have ever come across has ever “looked” like I felt, however.  That old saying, “between a rock and an hard place” just doesn’t do it for me.  But THIS picture… well I almost could just say “Yeah, what he said”.  

Lately I’ve been hanging on to bits of branches and various outstretched arms to keep my head above water.  This guy made me laugh at myself.  I’m the same as he is!

Right there on his scrawny little body, which is awkwardly straining not to fall into the water below, are wings that could give him flight.  We all do it though… we forget we can let go and stop holding on to the very things that can make us fall.

I could get all personal about this… but I really dont wanna.  It’s sorta yucky, boring, and really, in the end, who cares?  It’s just mucky stuff.

I’ll just cut to the point… God gave me wings to be able to fly above it… the ability to soar if I’d only believe.  Yet I hold on, awkwardly, to what is seen and known.  I don’t want to trust… because it not only takes effort, it takes faith.  I’m a bit scared and frozen in place.  “Awkward” begins to settle in like rigamortis.  I seem too stiff to raise my wings and flap them around a bit.  But just over there sit’s God, patiently waiting for me to stretch them out wide enough so he can get the wind beneath my wings.

In order to fly, you have to believe… and in order to believe you have to have faith.  With only a drop of faith – you can close your eyes and stretch open your arms and allow HIM to fill them with what you need to get off your ratted perch and fly.

And flying is not at all awkward when it’s done with the breath of God breathing life into you.  For he has great plans for you!  Plans to give hope and a future!

Jeremiah 29:11


2 thoughts on “Awkward…

  1. Teresa Cleveland Wendel says:

    Glad you found a picture that expresses how you feel. Make sure you make a copy to hang above your desk.


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