Prescription Sunshine

Believe it or not – I’ve obtained an actual prescription to sit on my duff, outside in the beautiful sun, and relax.  Sounds too good to be true, right?  Well I got lab work and a doctor’s order to back up my claim.

My most recent blood workup came back that I am very deficient in Vitamin D.  I have a new added tablet to mix into the cocktail of things I take to keep me moving and chugging along in life.  This one I am not at all worried about taking.  I am happy to say things most definetely get better, not worse, with this addition.

But I am not just to rely on that.  The best Vitamin D is what comes naturally.  So – now when I decide to go sit outside in my most favorite spot – my freestanding swing in the side yard under the pine tree – well, I can do it guilt free!  I can say, “doctor’s orders,” and go curl up with a book, an iced chai, and rock my worries away.

Getting outside is cheap therapy.  Don’t discount the idea.  Sitting inside, no matter how good it maybe, just cant hold a candle to the fresh breezes and sounds of joyful children running up and down the block.  Today the dog curled up beside me and we both took a snooze for a while, since we were made sluggishly happy with the aroma of fresh cut grass and budding flowers.

The effects are good for your health – but moreover, it’s good for your psyche.  We get too busy these days.  We forget to just take 5 and sit a spell.  We go-go-g0 all day and then we play catchup all evening on 50 other things we didn’t manage to squeeze into the day.  Maybe we should make a line item on our list to just sit and reflect.  To close our eyes, lift up our chins, and take a deep breath and let it out slow.

It’s been said that just 15 minutes a day can change the outlook you have, and create a calmer and more focused perspective.  I am convinced that if more people would take the time to do “nothing” more often, the world would be in better shape.  Sounds flippant – but it’s just my two cents.

Go try it yourself and give me you’re two cents  🙂


3 thoughts on “Prescription Sunshine

  1. patriciakirsch says:

    It’s true that it’s hard for most people in this crazy busy life to do nothing. I think that a lot of people feel guilty for wasting any time. But I agree with you–I love to sit on the balcony and just listen to the sounds around me. I love going for walks and sitting on the beach to read a great novel while listening to the waves. That’s when you know how good life is. Anyway, love your post. 🙂


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