Fried-day the 13th

A “SHOCKING” new update for you:

Because I am oblivious to the obvious – I only found out it was Friday the 13th AFTER I was laying flat on my back on a table next to what looks like a big battery with jumper cables and a mini stun gun hanging off.  Imagine the look on my face when Tech Girl, a nice enough woman who is educated, well put together, but beyond frazzled, says to me, “So how’s your Friday the 13th going?”  I said we’d see when she was done with me.  I tried to laugh in a small talk kinda way, because when the  woman with electricity has the zapper in hand, you laugh at what THEY think is funny.

I rescheduled an EMG from last Wednesday to today.  When we (meaning me and the phone girl on the other end at the Doctor’s office) agreed to “next Friday at 8 am.”  She never said the date.  I am not superstitious in any way, but still… well it was creepy.

But creepy is just the heebie jeebies.  A tech with a bad day before reaching the office?  THAT is unfortunate.  Laying there it did cross my mind that she could be very unfocused and maybe turn that little dial thingy a bit too high on accident.  But when she insisted on small talk (and really… who can do small talk while being electrocuted and pull off that fake smile and pretend “sure, fine fine… blah blah blah?) I did it anyway.

For whatever reason, I was supposed to be fried today.  I was here for MY test, but somehow, laying on that sterile table with electrodes and wires, and a bazillion watts of electricty buzzing throught my body, I was there for HER.

We did the, “how many kids, names, ages, school, and how long married,” rundown and it ended with, “Wow – you made it 16 years almost?”  Yeah.  I guess so.  I had not thought of it as a big number 16 with massive glowing numbers, but the way this woman said the number, and the way her eyes looked dead and defeated, I thought again.  I went from dreading the next shock to wondering about her.  What was her story?  Before the thought crossed my mind fully, I was listening to her.  It came out of her almost like no one ever heard her.  When she said she didn’t know what she’d do if she didn’t have her career, it was her words and tone that made the next shock bring tears to my eyes, not the voltage she’d upped.  I felt HER pain, not my own.

“Before I even left the house, my husband made sure I knew I’d ruined his day completely.  Did he forget he ruined mine months ago by quitting his job just because he didn’t like it?”  Her words echo’ed in the room.  What do you say to that?  I just quietly laid there and said a soft, “yeah.”  There’s nothing to answer to that.

I lay there jiggling, my body jumping off the table as the small tazer like thingy sent volts through my arm down to the battery top thingy attached to my hand and various electrodes.  My mind wasnt on it at all.  The pain was there, but it didn’t fully register.

My husband works everyday at a job that isn’t probably his favorite, in reality. (that’s being kind)   It’s third shift, it’s dangerous, and it doesn’t pay a whole heck of a lot in the worlds terms.  But it’s a job. A good job.  It has insurance… and in this economy, that alone is working for.

I’m married to a man who will do what it takes to take care of his family.  Most of our married life he has worked several jobs at a time (and never ones that are glorious, and always at bad hours of the day) and none of them are ones he went to school for a “career” for.  But as yucky as that is – we both know that it’s what comes at the end of the day, whatever time that maybe, that really counts.  I am lucky.  I am blessed.  I don’t forget that for a moment.

So while I lay there, listening to a woman I’ve never met before, I prayed for her.  I prayed for her husband, her family, and I thanked God for mine.  Today I felt fried to a crisp in more ways than one.  Lots was going on that I wished was different in life…but in this moment, God chose to use me to be an ear for someone and It felt good to be used.  No matter the circumstances, that is enough to make a bad day good.

So Tech Gal, I am sorry I never knew your name.  But know this… I will keep praying for you.  

While I intended today to be all about me – and my wallowing in self pity – as it turns out – it wasn’t about me at all.  And it never is.  Nope.  Never.  I think those electric currents may have jump started me again for HIM.  

May God bless you this week – I may not know you, but beware – you just got prayed for!  🙂


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