Saving for “Hope Day”

If you read the post below this one – you’ve gotten a head start in understanding todays posting.  Drake and I are saving our nickels and dimes together.

This morning he came out of his room with his digital bank he got for Christmas.  It counts the coins as they go in.  He was still in his jammies and breakfast held no interest to him.  I gave up on that and fell in line with where he was at today.  He sent me of to go find any coins that came from the washer, my dresser, and the bottom of my purse.  He brought out all the money he had stashed in his dresser drawer and all the coins in his treasure box.  His sisters even gave him coins left over they said they didn’t “need” anymore.

Then he counted the dollar bills he had and carefully wrote a sticky note of how many there were and added them to the bank, screwing the lid back on.  We now have grand total of $10.04 toward our $30+tax purchase of the precious angel he wants to give me.  A third of the way!  Not bad.  We said we would work towards Mother’s day, but he really wants to give it to me now.  So he earned a dollar for picking up sticks today and he will be hounding me for more ways to earn money, no doubt.  He will pester his dad for money from his pockets, ask to get the coins Dad doesn’t “need” (aka not quarters for the pop machine at work) from his dresser and Coke can full of coins, and he’ll make fast work of this.  He is already looking ahead to Easter and the egg hunt we always have, which often has coins and money vs candy mixed among the eggs.  

This kid of mine is on a mission, and the Angel of Hope means more to me now just seeing  how hard he is willing to work for it – being a kid of just 8 and no means of getting “real” money on his own hasn’t stopped him or even slowed him down.

By today, the moment from last night had passed, and he could have moved on to wanting to save up for Lego guys or whatnot,  but no.  He is saving for my angel and in doing so, is flaming the fire in my heart of hope.  I am warmer inside, less frazzled, and ready to take on the next round of whatever comes my way.  This boy of 8 has really rocked my world.  It’s hard to put into words… but obviously I am trying anyway!  🙂

I am the luckiest Mom today – and I am so blessed.  My cheeks hurt from smiling as I think of Drake and my eyes wont stop watering with tears of gladness.  Thank You God for giving me this beautiful soul to learn from… and as his Dad and I raise him into a man who yearns after YOUR own heart, God, we will try to keep this precious heart in tact and whole.  I will do my best and treasure my time with him in this, the most precious role ever, the one of Mother.



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