More than Mad

If we had just had all of our tax check put onto a specialized debit card, so it would be “protected” and yet at the ready – for emergency medical visits, prescriptions, bills, and whatever would come our way… HOW, may I ask, was it “empty” less than a month after we got it?  Because we were hit with Identity theft.  Several thousand dollars of our security net for the rest of the year was just gone.  It was enough to give me a migraine just taking it all in.

When I called in to report it, I found that just a few days ago I had apparently done the same thing.  Hmmm…  and apparently they sent ME a new card, which was in turn used at multiple ATM’s a state away.  I never lost that card, as it was in hand, and I tried to calmly reassure this man that I had NOT been in MI today, and I was sure I was who I said I was.

I have always been on the technology band wagon… but I am hesitant to be so ready to pull out even pre-paid plastic… which is all I really believe in.  If you don’t have it, you cant spend it.  But I digress…

Did you know that someone can use a machine thingy and pull the numbers off the credit pump – any swipe machine out there technically in any store, shop, or eatery?  Did you know someone can steal your info just by walking through the mall or even strolling through the park if you have a wallet in your pocket?  Yeah.  It’s true.  It sounds fabricated, futuristic, and nuts… but it is very true.  I never gave it much thought, till today.

Now, much lighter in the pocketbook – I am not just frustrated.  I am mad.  I have to now provide fourty two thousand different forms of Id, bank info, and proof that we are who we are… while this thief just somehow waltzes away with my money – probably never to even be pursued.  I will be praying to get my money back, while this perp got away with thousands more than we will make in months.

I want to just cry – scream – rage – and storm around mad… but it will fix nothing.

So I will submit info – and wait.

And really?  Money is so fleeting…  today is proof of that.  I still have my amazing husband, kids, dog, family, and we still have our home, and our lives.  In the end, money is just paper and plastic.  It all burns up in a second when put to the flame… but I hope my life, legacy, and my impression will withstand the heat and be made stronger by it.

I hope you’re week is flame free – but if it heats up – get out some marshmallows.  Use it for good and refuse to let it burn you.

Anybody got some chocolate?  I got lots of marshmallows to roast and I might as well make the best of it!


What do you think?

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