No one is nibbling my limbs off…

“Mom! The new fish is nibbling on ‘Fan’tastic’s tail…” (our old fish).

So what was I supposed to do about it? Do my dear children get that,
although I am AWESOME, and I can do a lot of things, I can not actually put
wayward fish in “time out” for nibbling on each other? Please don’t tattle on
the fish. I can barely deal with the onslaught of sibling tattling as it is.

There was no explaining this, however, in a not-so-frustrated way. NOT
today. Today had won in round three with me today. It was one of those
days where you reached your level 15 on a 10 point scale by 8am. Knowing
this, I made it easy on myself and just nodded, saying, “Thanks for letting
me know.” It simply is far easier to thank them sometimes than explain.
See – now we BOTH had “won” by doing this as we were all happy.

When I came inside, I glanced into the fish tank, just because it was on the
way down the hall where I was headed. Not, understand, because I was
worried about the naughty fish. I promise. Really, I do. That’s when I
noticed that the fish being nibbled, however, was flat out DEAD – not just
getting harassed. Well that is a whole ‘nother story! I stated this fact out
loud and it drew a comment from my 8 year old.

“I KNOW. That’s why I told you that.” Then he went on to wonder, “What if
people did what the fish do? We’d be like, ‘Hey Mommy, Daddy’s dead,” and
we’d be nibbling on his arms and legs and stuff.”

Ewww! What the??!!

Okay, so I see where he got from part A to part B… (the nibbling on Dad’s
arms part) but it sorta knocked me around a bit as he did. I was grossly
unsettled and I couldn’t let that comment go. Ick!

There have been many days that have sorta kicked me around, seemed to
“win” and left me wondering if I was just fish food…

But that isn’t where it ends. God sees those bad days, and he sees us. He
goes to bat for us when it feels like no one notices that the fish are nibbling
on us. He moves ahead into tomorrow and He’s waiting for us. He’s there
to help us through that day, and the next, and the next. Don’t mistake a

bad day, a bad week, month, or heck, even a bad year as God forgetting us.
He’s always right there, walking with us, or even carrying us through.

I know it sounds simplistic, but the reality is that it’s really true. He’s
fending off those fish, saying that we are still very much alive and far from
done yet.

So, no matter how yucky it may get… just keep in mind… the next time you
wonder if you are dead yet from the load your bad week piled on you, (and
it’s bound to happen), if no one is nibbling on your fingers or toes, you are


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