Doin the “NO PAIN” Dance of joy!

Have you ever been so happy you felt like dancing?  Whenever I get giddy and so happy I am overjoyed, I want to do a little jig.  And to be frank, if it’s just me and the kids, I DO that crazy little dance!

Do you remember the sitcom Perfect Strangers from the 80’s?  It was an odd little show I liked to watch that was mostly silliness about two cousins thrown together from different sides of the world.  One often taught the other to simply see life from a fresh perspective, and more times than not, to celebrate the joys.  Balki always did the “dance of Joy” when he was happy.  It always made me smile.

I have a lot of reasons to do that dance of joy right now…  I am not sure all that is involved in the actuality of this end result, but i have counted a whole 6 out of 7 days that were what I consider PAIN FREE!  That’s right!  Only one migraine in that week, and the other days were without pain!  I have not been able to say that for 2 years!

There have been lots of contributing factors, including new medicine changes, cervical spine injections, and mild weather… but no matter what the “reasons” for the pain free days are – the fact is I’ve had some amazing days, and all I care about is rejoicing and saying Whoopie!!    God’s heard me, the prayers of so many others, and He’s begun to reveal Himself in all of this.

I am not a patient person – so this wait has seemed insanely long.  But I have such hope and encouragement to see this result.  I’ve decided that from now on, I will still log the doctor’s requested pain log – but on my calendar I look at daily, it’s gonna have big smiley faces on all my GOOD days, so at a glance I can see the awesome days of blessings.  My hope is that there will be more smiles in my month than not.  I may even have a lapse of time where they are farther between – but I can see the light – and that it IS possible to have stretches of time where I feel like ME again!

So yippeeeee!  Happy Happy Joy Joy!

May God bless you in such a way as you can SEE His hand at work in your life.  It’s always there, I promise.


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