An Only Child

A few months back there was a weekend where my son was left home by his sisters to be an only child.  They went off to do some girlie things, and he was home with two parents all to himself.  He chattered on and had our complete attention anytime he desired.  He sported a constant grin and his chatter was a continuous stream.

My son seemed to grow a little taller in all the glow of our attention. Since I have never had just one child (well, not for very long as our girls are only 18 months apart) and I was the oldest of two kids… I’ve only imagined what it would be like to be an only child, or to just have one to look after.

Around here, I am often given over to the pull of 3 kids all repeating what happened in their day at school in a rapid fire retell; my mind spinning with who had said what, who’s turn it is to talk next, and wonder if I will retaining any of it when it counts.  I hear all to often, “but I DID tell you about such and such, just an hour ago.”  It can be a zoo at our house.

Now why do I say all this, and where the heck am I going with this long string of thoughts?  Hang on – there really is a point.

As Drake was sitting front and center that weekend, my mind continually wandered.  I thought about my own talkativeness and the way I chatter on and on, telling about my day, fretting aloud about stresses, finances, the kids, parenting, things I am amazed by, thankful for, worried about, excited or even terrified of.  I talk as if I am an only child.  I talk as if I have no one to compete with, and have the full attention of the one who’s listening.  And most often, there is no one in the room but me.  Oh I dont always speak aloud, though my husband would beg to differ, but my mind never shuts down for long.  I am like my son that weekend, a chatterbox.

You probably know where I am going with this now.  When we pray, God sees us as the only one in the room.  His only child in the backseat of the car of life.

1 Thessalonians 5:17 says to, “pray continually,” or, “pray without ceasing.”  This doesn’t mean to be on our literal knees and in constant formal prayer… but it is a frame of mind, a way to walk through life, a spirit of prayer, where we are in constant communication with our Heavenly Father.  We tell him about our day, we lift up our friends, family, worries, joys, concerns and blessings.  We are to talk to him as if we are chattering to our best friend, or in my son’s case, our parent who is fully attentive to us.

You will never have to fight for your turn to talk with God.  He is always ready to hear what  you have to say, and it is always more important than anything else to him.  The mind boggling thing is that with all the people in this world, all the problems and all the tasks he must have in this universe, He still has time for us, one on one, anytime we open our hearts and minds.

And better yet?  It’s His deepest desire to be in constant relationship with us like this.  It’s what gives Him the most pleasure.  His ears will never tire of hearing his precious children chatter on about whatever is on their minds.

The next time you are thinking to yourself, try aiming at God instead.  I’ve found that it’s much more satisfying to talk to someone than to no one, and He has MUCH better answers than I can ever give myself.  He is ready and waiting.  Tell Him HI !

Published in the Mount Zion UMC and Barkers Chapel UMC Newsletters for February 2012 


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