Easy to forget…

Sometimes while we are looking at the circumstances, the issues at hand, or just having a bad day… it’s easy to get in a rut and forget the truth.

I am sure you’re no different than me.  I get focused on one thing and forget, at least for a moment, that God wont be put in a box.  He’s bigger than I can imagine, stronger and more in control than I can fathom, and always walking ahead, beside, and behind me.

My aunt was diagnosed with a tumor in her brain the size of a lemon.  It threw me for a loop.  It shook me up.  I was mad and sad, scared and fragmented.

The night after I heard about her, I read this, hanging on my fridge.  It’s time for prayer, not anything else, because God can not be outdone.  He is so big he already knew about this long before we did… and has her firmly in His grasp.

I love you, Dawn.  With continual prayers I keep you lifted up before His throne.  And I am keeping this in my mind, as well as this plaque that sits in our living room…


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