Ruining the kids to all other Pizza

We were in Chicago…  We had to do it.  It would be a cardinal sin to be in the city and NOT have Chicago style pizza.  So we did it.  We even did it the lazy way…  we ordered it in to our room.  We were wiped out, and I was borderline even upright, so we called the very Life-long Chicago draw of a voice on the other side of the line and ordered the “LOU” (tomato, spinach, 4 cheese, sausage, and mushroom) and a deep dish traditional cheese, mushroom, and pepperoni.  I ordered small ones because I knew how filling these were.  The kids thought I was  nuts.  We kill off 2 large’s easy at home.

When the guy arrived, he was jolly and thrilled to hand over the best pizza in town.  He saw the kids waiting behind me and said to be sure they enjoy it!  I let them each take a turn holding the closed boxes before i opened them.  Their eyes got big as they felt the weight of the box in their arms.  (You have to know how concerned i was that they’d drop these precious boxes however!)

Then, like opening a present, i slowly unboxed the pizzas and the kids appropriately ooo’d and ahhhh’ed over them.  Beaming they each snarffed up their pizzas and they now are forever ruined to all other forms of pizzas.  Coming from a Chicago family – this made me proud  🙂

So thank’s Lou – for the wonderful night of laying in bed, eating pizzas, and giving my kids a taste of their family’s favorite thing to wish, salivate, and brag over.  Now they can join in the longings for a good ole Chicago style pizza!


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