Merry Christmas!

Below you will find our Christmas letter and update.  We hope that you have a very blessed new year and that the coming year will be filled with many blessings.

It seems like just last year we took this picture of our kids on Christmas and instead it has been 5 years ago…  and looking back at that morning it seems like three times that.  The time goes by fast and the kids grow faster!

We weren’t able to snail mail all our wonderful friends this year, but through the beauty of technology, it is all here for you to share in without a single stamp being licked.  Okay, licking stamps is old school – but you know what I mean!

May you remember the true meaning of Christmas this year, the baby who came to earth to save us all from ourselves, and bring us into an amazing life of eternity and continued worship with and for Him.

With love,     Christi and crew

Just click the link below and it will take you to our letter to you!

Campbell Christmas 2011 2


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