Whooping it up!

I jokingly refer to our life as “Campbell Chaos” and I do so not because I wish to bring any EXTRA chaos my way, but because there simply is no other loving way to describe it.

I took my daughter to the Emergency Room last Friday after having already had her at the doctors the day prior.  She was coughing hard enough to stop breathing and was not able to keep things down due to these coughing jags.  It was awful for her, but as a mom, I was nearly coming unglued at the “wait it out” approach we’d been given.  I needed to DO something.  She was soooo sick.

Skipping ahead to now… and a long story short, after xrays, tests, and breathing treatments, we are STILL in a final waiting-on-results holding pattern, but the probability is Whooping Cough.  They send these things away to an official “Disease Control Center” thingy and dont do tests here in town.  Yep – that thing they vaccinate our kids against MY kid seems to have decided to go ahead and get.  She’s amazing in her ability to do stuff like that.  She’s her Mama’s girl!  LOL  But not much keeps my girl down.  She’s surprising.

Maybe she’s “allergic” to the teenage years, her Grandpa joked.  What a way to ring in your 13th birthday.  It will be one she wont forget, that’s for sure…  But she’s not recovering by huddling on the couch.  Oh she’s taken up residence there, and spread her stuff out with blankets, pillows, and lots of things to do…  but it’s that last thing that’s been a silly blessing amongst the craziness.  She cant keep still.  So she’s “productively sick”.

Our house is a full-on Blizzard of snowflakes fluttering around our ceiling.  Fitting since this girl was born during a Blizzard 13 years ago.  No two flakes are alike and these are not the snowflakes of kindergarden craft projects…  These are intricate and unique, even one specially made for her brother with Star Wars storm trooper heads embedded.  It’s made the house festive, even if it is quarantined.

So even while coughing up her lungs, she is whooping it up in the best kinda way.  That’s my girl!  🙂


2 thoughts on “Whooping it up!

    • Christi Campbell says:

      The kids ARE way cool – me? Not so much! I am always impressed what they can do with the items in my recycle bin. The teacher suddenly becomes the student and the tables flip. No longer does Mom impress the kids amazing with glue and paper. It’s the kids who wow me 🙂


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