I promise nothing … and yet everything

Today is my sweetheart’s birthday.  He turns another year older and I have been blessed with yet one more year with this amazing man.

Babe, life has thrown us crazy curveballs lately. Things haven’t always gone the way we dreamed they would.  There’s honestly not a thing I’d change though. I mean that.  I’d marry you all over again if time was rewound… even knowing the hard challenges that were to come.  YOU are what makes me happy.  Period.  It’s not about what we have, it’s about WHO we have when going through life.

I have you, you have me, and we have God.

Leaning on each other we WILL get through whatever is waiting around that next corner.

So as syrupy sweet as it sounds… “You complete me”.  I promise you no easy path ahead, just like you can’t for me… but I DO promise my love and devotion, all that I am,  and all that I have.

Happy Birthday, Babe.    🙂


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