Alli – the apple of my eye

She doesn’t feel special because she’s in the middle.  Alli is my second child out of three, and she’s the second girl.  No matter what, she just feels like she’s always following her sister or trying to make her way in the pack of kids running around this house.

Frankly?  That breaks my heart.  Alli is far from something to miss amongst the chaos.  She is an amazing soul who is constantly surprising me and making me so proud I could pop.  She’s been capturing my heart since she entered this world and I specifically remember the first time I ever heard her laugh.  She was this tiny little baby and she had the roaring-throw-your-head-back kinda laugh that seemed 10 times her size.  She still laughs like that, and whenever she does, it’s infectious.  If you don’t laugh with her then there’s something seriously wrong with your laugh muscles.  They simply haven’t been given enough exercise!

So today was a treasure to me.  I stole away with her and we hung out at the insanely packed mall.  We had a mission to exchange a gift of jeans she was given, which we did fabulously despite the crowds, but we also were on a mission to pave her way into womanhood.  That’s right, her official right of passage was just around the packed corner of the bookstore.

We always do kid drinks ($1 OR LESS) or water.  NOTHING expensive.  Nothing interesting.  We just dont spend money on REAL drinks.  But today was different.  Today Alli was moving from my little girl into a Chai loving, green straw sipping (Starbucks) grownup woman.  I was so proud!

Time is moving fast… and I am determined to win the battle of making the most of every good second I get with my kids.  Today?  I won.  And Alli girl?  You made me happier than you could ever imagine.  You are growing up into not only a beautiful woman after God’s heart, you are a person all your own.  Don’t let being born in the middle overshadow the amazing person God created you to be.  I treasure you in more ways than you know.  Thanks for spending time with your mom, and giving me the gift of seeing you take one more step towards womanhood while remaining firmly my girl.  🙂

The only downside?  I introduced her to the amazingness of Vanilla iced Chai lattes!  She is ready to try that brew i blogged about recently!  HA!  No problem my dear, I whip us up a batch right now!!


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