A Simple Christmas

We were putting up the tree this year and no matter what lights we tried, they flickered and went out.  Ugh.  Can’t things be SIMPLE, I wondered?

My husband and son went on a hunt for new lights before we took any further steps in decorating. They came home with new fangled LED lights in blue and white.  The hope was that THESE lights would be more trustworthy in the end.  While that remains to be seen, the result so far is exactly what we started out wishing for to begin with… Simplicity.

After getting the tree strung with these new lights, we all stood back in wonder.  Wow.  The tree, without a single decoration on it, looked stunningly beautiful.  The longer we stood there and looked at it, the more we liked it just like it was.  We decorated the rest of our tiny house with our favorite Christmasy things, like our Nativity and the treasured Nutcrackers, but we still kept coming back to the simple tree.

A string of silver beads, a few treasured ornaments, the Star of David, and a tiny nativity adorns our tree now, and that is all.  No over kill.  We just didn’t want to detract from what seemed like a fresh breath of air.  It was quiet beauty. It got me to thinking… less is truly more.  

It’s no wonder that God did what He did that 1st Christmas night when He took a simple girl on a donkey, to a unsuspecting Inn, with a stable of nothing to write home about, and delivered unto this world the most amazing gift He’d ever give mankind.  He adorned the heavens in a flurry of twinkling starlights with one large blazing light that out shown all the others… declaring that THIS night was no ordinary night.  He did not do what He could have. God had the right to usher in Jesus to a king’s welcome.  He could have sent Jesus into the world with all the trumpets and theatrics of what rightfully would have been His!  Instead, on that special night it was simple.  Not just simple though, it was simply beautiful.

We say it often in the church, “Jesus is the reason for the season”.   Before long however, we move right along to the business of buying the right gifts, decorating to the hilt, hurrying from one party to another, baking all the decadent goodies, sending off a flurry of letters, cards, and doing for charity our “yearly contribution”.  None of these things are bad – make no mistake.  Especially giving to those in need…  But when we loose the simplicity, the one tiny baby who came to earth, unassuming, gets lost in the shuffle.

So as you spend time with family, send your greetings, and wrap gifts, bake goodies, and do all those treasured Christmasy things…remember Jesus.  Truly remember HIM.

God did simple for a reason.  He wanted it that way.  It only takes a joyful heart to celebrate the amazing birth of our Lord and savior.  It only takes an open heart to receive the precious gift of saving grace and eternal life… the best gift ever given in the history of the world.

May God bless you this season… and put the joy into your Christmas by keeping it simple.


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