If I were a wizard…

Drake: Do we have any more oranges? It’s the only healthy thing I want to eat.
Me: Nope, we’re out, I cant help you.
Drake: If you were a wizard you could!
Me: * forehead smack *

Right… If I was a wizard I could poof a lot of things into being – and oranges most likely would not be high on my list.

THIS is how most of the conversations with my son go.  They run from starting out normal to completely, “What the??” inducing confusion.  In this case I just told him to find something ELSE healthy ANYWAY without batting much of an eye.

But truly, I love his way of doing life.  It’s all full throttle, running headlong into the great unknown.   He’s been this way since birth when he scared the %$#@ out of us as he crawled into terrifying situations and was happy to waddle right off of  the sides of playground towers and in front of moving vehicles.  It’s amazing he’s survived till 8.  It’s a testament to the eyes-in-the-back-of-the-head we gained sight through and applied quite well.

Drake will do anything to get us to play with him.  “Mommy, you can’t catch me,” he taunts as he starts to run away.  “Oh really?”  One firmly placed step forward can send him scurrying off with giggles turning into hiccups.  I have loved those joy inspired hiccups since he first began laughing as a baby.  He tears off his shirt and runs full tackle into his Dad’s legs in a take down move that’s never gonna happen… all this to start a “wrestling match”.  It may not work in it’s intended way, but it does start a wrestling match of some sort, with the young son pinned in seconds.  I wonder how long it will take to flip that coin on its head and have Drake holding the upper hand.  🙂 and dad breathing a long sigh out as he realizes his days of coming out on top are nearly over.

Our Drake is all boy. He was not a planned child on our part, but it is quite obvious that God did and He has amazing plans, at that.  What will this kid grow up to be?  He regularly states that his “imagination has a ‘mind’ of it’s own.”  No, he hasn’t a clue why that statement is funny at all.  He seems to see it as a ride he’s just on and as curious as we are as to the destination coming ever closer each day.

So navigating a house such as mine requires a full set of armor ready for whatever is coming this way.  It is never planned and rarely makes good honest sense at all… but the end result is always mind blowing and you are always glad you came prepared for the unknown.

Tonight – it was oranges and magical magicians, if only Mom could arise to the challenge.  Not tonight.  My feet are firmly planted in reality, and no oranges will poof their way into being, so my let-down son will have go deal with the  bananas (with brown spots) or go by way of the apple.  Oh sigh, the orange will not appear to him because I dash NOT out to fullfill whims, any whims, if it be on a freezy cold winter night.

So eat what you’re told and be most happy mate.  You’ve no idea how good ya gottit, really.  So now off to bed with yee, without yer poor orange in yer belly.  Maybe tomorrow your ole MA will find a way to dazzle you with her wits and powers of unknown proportions.  She may poof them into being if she takes a mind to it…Ya just never know…

But for now, Go eat a banana (and be happy about it) – and get thee into the bed before i string you up by your toes!  (this usual banishment will result in enough giggles to begin the hiccups again and I am free to be declared winner of THIS round.  🙂


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