Merry Christmas!

Below you will find our Christmas letter and update.  We hope that you have a very blessed new year and that the coming year will be filled with many blessings.

It seems like just last year we took this picture of our kids on Christmas and instead it has been 5 years ago…  and looking back at that morning it seems like three times that.  The time goes by fast and the kids grow faster!

We weren’t able to snail mail all our wonderful friends this year, but through the beauty of technology, it is all here for you to share in without a single stamp being licked.  Okay, licking stamps is old school – but you know what I mean!

May you remember the true meaning of Christmas this year, the baby who came to earth to save us all from ourselves, and bring us into an amazing life of eternity and continued worship with and for Him.

With love,     Christi and crew

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Campbell Christmas 2011 2


Table for two…

I’d like to think I’ve had something to do with it, but truly, my girls are amazing all because of who they are.  Beware if you continue reading… this is a proud Mama blog, sappy, and jealousy inducing.  🙂

Today was not one of my “bad” days, but after not taking meds all day so I could drive and go out, my pain level was high.  I was dreading making dinner.  I was tired just thinking about it.  Then my girls walked in our room and told my husband and I we were banned from the kitchen.

Yeah, that’s right.  My girls wanted to make dinner.  How sweet.  I was touched.  Linds made a menu we got to mark, and Alli was in charge of cooking up some of the main dish.  They worked together, didn’t fight once (and you have NO idea how huge that is for sisters so close in age!!) and they lead us as guests of honor into our own little kitchen.  They not only made dinner, they laid it out as a table for two, bistro style.  We were treated to a date without leaving home.  I wanted to cry, but instead I hugged them and told them how proud of them I was and how honored.  They beamed actual joy rays from every pore.

So excuse me while I wallow in the beauty of two girls, half grow women really, ages 11 and (tomorrow turning) 13… who know how to bless the socks of their parents without spending a penny, leaving home, or even saying a word.  Love is an action word.  They clearly shouted loud and clear they love us dearly.

Alli said she wanted to do it because I cook all the time and deserved a break.  Lindsey said she wanted to give us a date together, complete with fancy glasses full of Pepsi to top off the table.

So forgive my bragging and my sappy post…  but as a mom, I get the right.  I am desperately in love with my kids, and I don’t think I can say enough times just how proud of them, and the beautiful people they are turning out to be.

Love ya girlies!!

Sweet sugary memories

No matter what, It’s important to remember that sugary sweetness is not reserved for distant memories alone… but for new ones made in ways you dont necessarily see “in the moment”.  Looking back on today, I will choose happily to forget the mess, the insanity, and the obvious lack-of-my-mind when beginning a huge cookie decorating assembly line in my LIVING ROOM!

That’s right… My tiny kitchen is just that, tiny.  It’s hard enough to use the mixer on the counter, find a way to get sticky dough onto hot stone cookie trays, and get things in and out of the oven without adding 3 sets of excited and eager helping hands.  So the decorations moved to the living room… all the better to watch the traditional 5th or 6th rerun of ELF (a family favorite Christmas movie) while we work.  (But yes, to be honest) …it is a tad scary not to obsess about what the living room will look like after – later – when the memories are NOT being made.  Ah, but that is a worry and concern for another time.  Not one to tarnish the memories being made NOW.

So as we went along, with the occasional spat at who was taking too long with the icing thing-a-mabob and who used the most of the treasured snowflake sprinkles, we sealed in sweet cement our memories of another Christmas together, one where my kids are young and still call me Mommy, not Mom or “Hey You”.  It doesn’t even much matter what the cookies look like, all that matters is how yummy they taste going down.  All that mattered today was that I held my kids tight in my heart and they stayed little with magic in their eyes while making our cookies and the famed gingerbread house.  

Today a torch was passed…  I relaxed and let go of the icing decorator cone and let Lindsey do the biggest job.  Then, with pure joy, each kiddo took their turn and we let perfection go by the wayside and instead made some of the best and sweetest memories we ever have.  OH did they taste good going down!  The Gingerbread house sits protected by an army of Nutcrackers and cozy next to the house my Grandma made me before she passed away.  Nearly half the cookies slid down to our tummies, and are no more.  Just a plate full  remain and some of those are already reserved for Santa!

All this is to say – enjoy your traditions, and if you don’t have any yet – start some.  There’s no time better than the today to begin to enjoy life.

With sweet sugary goodness, we pass holiday cheer and blessings on to you…

Merry Christmas!

Whooping it up!

I jokingly refer to our life as “Campbell Chaos” and I do so not because I wish to bring any EXTRA chaos my way, but because there simply is no other loving way to describe it.

I took my daughter to the Emergency Room last Friday after having already had her at the doctors the day prior.  She was coughing hard enough to stop breathing and was not able to keep things down due to these coughing jags.  It was awful for her, but as a mom, I was nearly coming unglued at the “wait it out” approach we’d been given.  I needed to DO something.  She was soooo sick.

Skipping ahead to now… and a long story short, after xrays, tests, and breathing treatments, we are STILL in a final waiting-on-results holding pattern, but the probability is Whooping Cough.  They send these things away to an official “Disease Control Center” thingy and dont do tests here in town.  Yep – that thing they vaccinate our kids against MY kid seems to have decided to go ahead and get.  She’s amazing in her ability to do stuff like that.  She’s her Mama’s girl!  LOL  But not much keeps my girl down.  She’s surprising.

Maybe she’s “allergic” to the teenage years, her Grandpa joked.  What a way to ring in your 13th birthday.  It will be one she wont forget, that’s for sure…  But she’s not recovering by huddling on the couch.  Oh she’s taken up residence there, and spread her stuff out with blankets, pillows, and lots of things to do…  but it’s that last thing that’s been a silly blessing amongst the craziness.  She cant keep still.  So she’s “productively sick”.

Our house is a full-on Blizzard of snowflakes fluttering around our ceiling.  Fitting since this girl was born during a Blizzard 13 years ago.  No two flakes are alike and these are not the snowflakes of kindergarden craft projects…  These are intricate and unique, even one specially made for her brother with Star Wars storm trooper heads embedded.  It’s made the house festive, even if it is quarantined.

So even while coughing up her lungs, she is whooping it up in the best kinda way.  That’s my girl!  🙂

I promise nothing … and yet everything

Today is my sweetheart’s birthday.  He turns another year older and I have been blessed with yet one more year with this amazing man.

Babe, life has thrown us crazy curveballs lately. Things haven’t always gone the way we dreamed they would.  There’s honestly not a thing I’d change though. I mean that.  I’d marry you all over again if time was rewound… even knowing the hard challenges that were to come.  YOU are what makes me happy.  Period.  It’s not about what we have, it’s about WHO we have when going through life.

I have you, you have me, and we have God.

Leaning on each other we WILL get through whatever is waiting around that next corner.

So as syrupy sweet as it sounds… “You complete me”.  I promise you no easy path ahead, just like you can’t for me… but I DO promise my love and devotion, all that I am,  and all that I have.

Happy Birthday, Babe.    🙂

Alli – the apple of my eye

She doesn’t feel special because she’s in the middle.  Alli is my second child out of three, and she’s the second girl.  No matter what, she just feels like she’s always following her sister or trying to make her way in the pack of kids running around this house.

Frankly?  That breaks my heart.  Alli is far from something to miss amongst the chaos.  She is an amazing soul who is constantly surprising me and making me so proud I could pop.  She’s been capturing my heart since she entered this world and I specifically remember the first time I ever heard her laugh.  She was this tiny little baby and she had the roaring-throw-your-head-back kinda laugh that seemed 10 times her size.  She still laughs like that, and whenever she does, it’s infectious.  If you don’t laugh with her then there’s something seriously wrong with your laugh muscles.  They simply haven’t been given enough exercise!

So today was a treasure to me.  I stole away with her and we hung out at the insanely packed mall.  We had a mission to exchange a gift of jeans she was given, which we did fabulously despite the crowds, but we also were on a mission to pave her way into womanhood.  That’s right, her official right of passage was just around the packed corner of the bookstore.

We always do kid drinks ($1 OR LESS) or water.  NOTHING expensive.  Nothing interesting.  We just dont spend money on REAL drinks.  But today was different.  Today Alli was moving from my little girl into a Chai loving, green straw sipping (Starbucks) grownup woman.  I was so proud!

Time is moving fast… and I am determined to win the battle of making the most of every good second I get with my kids.  Today?  I won.  And Alli girl?  You made me happier than you could ever imagine.  You are growing up into not only a beautiful woman after God’s heart, you are a person all your own.  Don’t let being born in the middle overshadow the amazing person God created you to be.  I treasure you in more ways than you know.  Thanks for spending time with your mom, and giving me the gift of seeing you take one more step towards womanhood while remaining firmly my girl.  🙂

The only downside?  I introduced her to the amazingness of Vanilla iced Chai lattes!  She is ready to try that brew i blogged about recently!  HA!  No problem my dear, I whip us up a batch right now!!