A step back in time – and looking towards the future

On the way home from a trip near Purdue country, Derek took a detour and we drove through our old stomping grounds. It was fall and it sparked my memory of a fall about 17 years ago when I fell in love with a boy… a boy that one day would become my husband, and later the father of my three kids. It seemed like stepping back in time for a moment as we walked hand in hand around the fountain.

Then, like someone pressing the fast forward button, I was whipped forward without warning. My kids were walking and looking around. One declared that this would one day be THEIR school, not just ours, while another was not so sure we should be there because we were no longer students…

I was reminded that in just 4 or 5 short years we will seriously be looking into where to enroll our kids in college… It froze my steps and I wondered where the time went, why I never appreciated the campus when I was on it like I do now when it is a distant memory, and wondering what it will be like to walk it someday as a soon to be parent of a student vs my nostalgic wanderings.

Time moves forwards and back again without much thought to how it tosses me about. So while I think of it, thank you for the moments I treasure in the past, thank you for the wanderings of my present, and please God, help me to live through the future of precious kids bent on growing up before my eyes.


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